Toogs DZ e-News #388 (24-30 June 2019)

Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Tiago Wursch – Completed AFF
Glenn Dudley – Completed AFF
Charmaine – Head Up Crest
Drewy – 1200 Jumps

Monday 24th June    It was a bit quiet for the first part of the week. Our newest student Karen Walsh did Stage 1 of her AFF Course.  There were only 2 loads for the day. The ten jumpers here all got their knees in the breeze.

Karen TAFF Stage 1 freefall
Karen TAFF Stage 1 freefall

Tuesday was about the same.  2 loads and 9 jumpers. Peter Spreull dropped by for a TandemKaren Walsh did Stages 2 & 3 of her AFF Course while Tiago Wursch did Stage 9 – completing his AFF, congratulations!

Pete tandem freefall
Pete tandem freefall – Photo by Oli M
Karen AFF Stage 3 – Photo Sara
Karen AFF Stage 3 – Photo Sara
Karen hanging out with the locals after Stage 3 – Photo Drewy
Tiago nailing his AFF Stage 9 – Photo Sara

Nothing moved on WednesdayThursday  was just about the same. There was only one Hop ‘n’ Pop load of 3 jumpers. Friday  picked up. Tiago did his photo shoot jump and a couple of B-Rel stages. Drewy’s freefly mates rocked up. There were 8 loads and 19 skydivers here. It was a beaut day.

Tiago B-Rel 1 & 2 – Photo Adrian
That looks like Terry’s first tracking dock – Photo Charmaine
Animal party
Sunset freefly – Photos by Drewy

On Saturday  John McMahon’s nephew Jack McMahon and friend Meg King arrived for a Tandem. The weather wasn’t the best but we got 7 loads done and 29 jumpers were here to fill them. Gregory Leigh started his skydiving training and had a good Stage 1 AFF. Instructor Sara ran a canopy Handling Seminar for beginners and intermediate level jumpers.

Meg’s tandem freefall with John – Photo by Drewy

Sunday  was perfect weather – after the fog departed at noon! Then it was on and Marj didn’t stop until sunset. Robin Armstrong, Justin Ellis & Courtney Wallace-Smith waited patiently for the weather to clear and finally went up for their TandemGregory Leigh did Stages 2 & 3 and Glenn Dudley did Stage 9 – completing his AFF. Another congratulations! Sara‘s Canopy Handling Seminar continued and everyone got their jumps in. “Congrats to all my students who participated. Big achievements all around” stay tuned for next course. 33 jumpers got the 9 loads done and what a great sunset it was!

Adrian and Robin in the plane
Justin tandem freefall – Photos by Oli M
Courtney tandem freefall – Photo Adrian
Greg AFF Stage 3 with Adrian – Photo Dave G
Glenn AFF Stage 9 – Photo Adrian
Jessie B-Rel 1 exit
Jessie B-Rel 1 & 2 passed
Jessie B-Rel 3 at breakoff – Photos by Drewy
Jett exit sunset load
Macca exit – Photos by Dave G

There was still a good crew here Sunday night, the bar bell was ringing and both DZ fires were ablaze! Looks like tomorrow is going to be busy too. Let you know next newsletter.

See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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Robin Armstrong – Fantastic again.  I’ll be back.  Thank You all.

Justin Ellis – Fantastic experience.  Will try and con my partner and sister into it.

Courtney Wallace-Smith – Best experience ever!  Adrian was amazing.  I’ll be back haha.  Can see how it’s addictive.

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