Toogs DZ e-News #367 (28 Jan. – 3 Feb. 2019)

Monday, February 4, 2019


Robert McGavock – Completed AFF
Aaron Wood – Certificate A

Photo from last week:
“Team Kevin” – Winning Speed Star Team – Giovanni, John, Laura, Stephen, Oli & Kevin – Photo Karen

Thank you to all who came along for the event. A heat turn out of 5 teams!!! Congrats to team Kevin (Stephen Brett, Kevin Young, Laura Fitzpatrick, Oli Morris, Giovanni Pitzalis and John Leach).

Another thank you to Skydive Ramblers, SQPC and Toogoolawah Skydivers Club for helping fund the event.

Come for next months Speed Stars again on 23rd Feb.

Kristina Hicks 😊

Monday 28th  Beautiful start to the week. Tandem for today was Elijah Richman. Student Robert McGavock completed Stage 2 of his AFF Course. The local fun jumpers kept the plane turning with 6 loads for the day.

Elijah tandem freefall – Photo Oli M
Rob AFF Stage 2 – Photo Sara
Sian B-Rel 1 & 2 – Photo Adrian
Shelby Hop’n’Pop – Photo Drewy

Back in the air again after two years Tuesday Robert McGavock fast tracked his AFF Course doing Stage 3, Stage 6 & Stage 7.

Rob AFF Stage 3 – 4 – Photo Sara
Rob AFF Stage 6 – Photo Adrian
Rob backloops AFF Stage 7 – Photo Sara

Wednesday. Too windy to jump today, student Matthias Stubbe did a refresher course.

Thursday. Robert McGavock did Stages 8 & 9 – completing his AFF! Congratulations.

Rob AFF Stage 8 tracking for days
Rob AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Adrian
Rob’s Stage 9 Certificate – Photo Karen
Aaron B-Rel Stage 3 – Photo Doyley
Mike landing – Photo Drewey

Friday 1st of February. Funtastic Friday, 5 loads went up.

Freefly Drewey – Photo Flossy
Freefly Flossy – Photo Drewey

The Tandem Saturday 2nd was Ermiyas Olano. Will Sawyer was back working on his B-rel jumps.

Ermiyas’ tandem – Photo Sara

Ermiyas after his jump and with family – Photos Karen
Will B-Rel Stage 6 linked exit – Photo Drewey
Will B-Rel Stage 6 blocks – Photo Shelby

Star Crest Saturday

“At the star crest day on 2 February we had only one jump, and it was a classic.  It had it all – humour, pathos, excitement and victory.  For Gio anyway, as he docked and completed the second of his star crest jumps.  Congratulations Gio.  Number three won’t be far away.
We were kept to one jump by weather and low numbers, and made up for it with an exciting jump.  The base took its sweet old time getting together and through it all Gio held back like a pro and waited for his time to dock.  Excellent work all round.  Special thanks to Ollie on camera, Kerry Hook and Andy Pike in the base with me and Johnnie Leach, Wilky and Antony Worrell for helping out and as always, Ramblers for supporting our development efforts with jumpers coming through the ranks.
The next ASC day is on Saturday 2 March.  We’d appreciate more of the experienced jumpers helping out, including freeflyers and wingsuiters – these are your mates …”

Martin Klapper.

Ollie on camera
Gio approaches – Photos courtesty of Martin Max

Sunday.  Low clouds rolled in. The Tandems for today were Jenny and Samuel Ingram.

Jenny’s tandem with Sara – Photo Adrian
Sam with Doyley – Photo Alex


See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.


Ermiyas Olana – One of the best experience I have ever had. I am definitely coming back.

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