Toogs DZ e-News #326 (16-22 April 2018)

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Michael Sutter – Certificate A
James Gentle – Certificate C
Samantha Messmer – Star Crest
Shelby du Moulin – Star Crest
Oliver Dixon – Star Crest
Charmaine Nielsen – Packer B

Another Newsletter, Monday 16th of April. Riley Russell picked up where he left off yesterday and did Stages 5, 6 & 7 of his AFF Course. The 182 carried the loads. Matteo and Michael filled them.

Riley AFF Stage 5
Riley AFF Stage 6
Riley AFF Stage 6 above Toogoolawah, checking his alti
Riley AFF Stage 7 exit
Riley AFF Stage 7 tracking
Matteo funny
Michael funny – Photos by Doyley

Tuesday was busier but still a 182 day. Former students back for a jump were Michael Sutter, Matteo Chiodi, Quentin Morel, and Robert Lyndon.

Matteo, Phil, Michael & Quentin – Photo Sara

Wednesday was quiet but our newest student Stephen Roberts did Stage 1 of his AFF Course.  And on Thursday Charles Grevell was along for his Stage 3. Friday was similar, a bit quiet, and the weather turned a bit nasty.

Steve TAF Stage 1 – Photo Sara
Charles AFF Stage 3
Sara tracking off
Instructor fun

Things picked up for the weekend. On Saturday Tandems were our first loads. Kodi Saies, Kalan Callcott, Abigail Clifford-Drady, Paul Crismale, Skye Marsh, Geran Roberts, and Cindy Mintern-Lane all took to the skies. Marj was in the sky for 6 loads and the 182 kept at it as well. About 40 people kept things reasonably busy. There was a bit of everything happening. Wingsuiters and Angles were the order of the day.

Abi, Kalan and Kodi before their jumps
Kalan on exit before Kodi – Photo by Doyley
Kodi on the plane with Doyley
Kodi and Doyley in freefall – Photos by Doyley
Abigail’s tandem
Geran, Skye and Cindy
Skye with Shelby in freefall
Skye and Sara under canopy – Photos by Sara

Sunday was slow and steady. Our only Tandem was James Burnell. The wingsuiters were still active. The fun jumpers were having fun. The pub night was a beauty. It was a beaut week.

James on exit
James playing like a pro in freefall – Photo Doyley

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

Visitor Book Comments

Abi – Will be back! Best experience ♥
Cindy Mintern-Lane – Absolutely awesome. Thanks heaps AdrianStaff are fantastic. Great day.

The DZ is amazing. Awesome plane which brings you to 14000 ft in the blink of an eye. Friendly staff who feel more like family.


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