Toogs DZ e-News #325 (9-15 April 2018)

Monday, April 16, 2018


Michael Sutter – Completed AFF
Josiah Leeke – Completed AFF
Mitchell Brown – Completed AFF
Aaron Andrews – Completed AFF
Aiden Everingham – Completed AFF
Drew McDade – Completed AFF

James Gentle – 100 Jumps

Matt Smith – Wing Suit graduate
Dan Evers – Wing Suit graduate
Jason Schloss – Wing Suit graduate

This Newsletter starts with a report of a whopping number of Tandems done on a Monday! Veterans For Youth or V4Y as they are called, brought along a whole lot of kids, 31 in total, between 12 and 16 for a taste of skydiving. John Paul, Connor, Henry, Jamie, James, Brooke, Talia, Charlie, Matthew, Caleb, Ben S.,  Jack, Jaxon, Emmanuel, Zac, Harrison, Taimana, Jake, Hayden, Luke, Illya, Damien, Cade, Caleb, Ben R., Daniel, Liam, Christian, and Tristian, Tanoo, Bryn, Daniel, and Kate McDougal all did a Tandem.

Brooke rocking it with Adrian – Photo Shelby
Thumbs up Talia with Scotty – Photo Alex
Charlie with Marc – Photo Shelby
Matthew doing a tandem with Adrian – Photo Alex
Caleb under canopy
Ben in the plane with Ben Nordkamp – Photos by Sara
Jack lovin’ freefall – Photo Scotty
Jaxon with “Marj” in the background – Photo Sara
What a shot of Emmanuel and “Marj”! – Photo Scotty
Zac and Adrian – Photo Shelby
Harrison holding good form – Photo Ben N
Taimana in tandem with Marc – Photo Alex
Jake lovin’ it – Photo Ben N
Hayden cruisin’ – Photo Scotty
Luke lovin’ it big time – Photo Sara
Illya flying with Adrian – Photo Shelby
Damien rockin’ it – Photo Sara
Cade with Scotty – Photo Scotty
Caleb with Adrian – Photo Shelby
Ben with Marc – Photo Alex
Daniel flying the canopy – Photo Ben N
Liam full of smiles – Photo Sara
Christian up high – Photo Shelby
Tristan enjoying his tandem – Photo Alex
Tanoo is overjoyed – Photo Scotty
Daniel chillin’ – Photo Ben N
Kate McDougall exiting and landed – Photo by Ollie
Kate McDougall exiting and landed – Photo by Ollie

Read the V4Y blog article and view lots more photos of this amazing day!

Other local fun jumpers were along for the ride. But it didn’t stop there. A bunch of freefliers, “Arepafest” arrived from Byron for a two day, 12 jump fun camp. Go Helmy and mates.

Arepafest – Freefly camp jumps – Photos by Hayden G

On Tuesday the freefliers carried on, hard. We had a few student jumpers here doing some solo fun jumps. Plus our regulars.

Arepafest – Photo by Mason Corby
Arepafest – Photo by Hayden Galvin
Arepafest – Photo by Hayden Galvin

See more awesome freefly photos and watch a wicked jump Video in our Arepafest blog!

Things were back to normal on Wednesday. Josiah Leeke did AFF 5 & 6. Michael Sutter did Stages 7, 8 & 9 – completing his AFF, congratulations!

Josiah AFF Stage 5 – Photo Sara
Josiah AFF Stage 6 – Photo Adrian
Michael AFF Stage 7 – Photo Sara
Michael AFF Stage 8 – Photo Adrian

Thursday. Josiah Leeke did Stages 7, 8 & 9 – completing his AFF. Another Congratulations!

Josiah AFF Stage 7 – Photo Sara
Josiah AFF Stage 8
Josiah AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Adrian
Charmaine on a fun jump – Photo Sara

Another congratulations on Friday.  Mitchell Brown did Stages 7, 8 & 9 – completing his AFF!

Mitch AFF Stage 7 – Photo by Doyley
Mitch AFF Stage 7 – Photo by Doyley
Mitch AFF Stage 8 – Photo Adrian
Michael Sutter – Hop’n’Pop – Photo Doyley

Saturday was busy after a bit of early bad weather. (Mick’s daughter) Amelia Donaldson was here for her first jump, a Tandem with Doyley. New First Jump students Riley Russell and Casey Barnard did their Stage 1 AFF. Aaron Andrews did Stages 7, 8 & 9 – completing his AFF – another congratulations!

Amelia on exit
Amelia in freefall – Photos by Adrian
Aaron AFF Stage 7
Aaron AFF Stage 8 nice air!
Aaron AFF Stage 8 nice air!
Aaron AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Doyley

There were fun jumpers everywhere ; wingsuiters, Star Cresters, freefliers and old school flatties. It was a great day.

Holly Godwin freestyle – Photos by Doyley
15-way flat fly – Photo Shelby

Star Crest Jumps

I continue to be amazed by the jumpers this sport produces.  Five star crest jumpers on Saturday, three made it and two have greatly improved their skills.  Special mention of Sam Messner who nailed two of the jumps, with a B licence and just 60 (or so) jumps to her name.  Also many thanks to John McMahon who took one of the ASC jumpers on her third jump and she passed with flying (falling?) colours, and Dave Girvin who helped out all day.

Despite some threatening weather during the morning we were able to get four jumps in, and it was well worth hanging on for the clouds to clear.  One spectacular exit was in cloud, with the consequence that base (yours truly) lost bearings and did not one, but two barrel rolls.  Even so that was still a successful jump with the formation almost completely built.

The highlight of the day without doubt was the second jump – complete but for one low jumper, and it flew level and still from 7,500 to breakoff at 5,000.  And best of all, the day was safe for all participants, in freefall, under canopy and on landing.

Rangry looked after us all day as camera flyer and gave us great video for debriefs, including two docks, not a bad effort if you’re wearing camera wings…

Last, but very much not least, my thanks to Ramblers, and to Dave and Darren specifically, for consistently and generously supporting these events.


Serious business this skydiving
Now that is a cloud exit
Second jump – not bad

Sunday was a nice day’s jumping. Marj did a heap of fun loads. Our only Tandem was Bailey Parsonage, welcome aboard. Riley Russell got stuck straight into it and did Stages 2, 3 & 4 of his AFF CourseAiden Everington and (Bruce’s nephew) Drew McDade both did Stage 9 – completing their AFF Courses!! Congratulations! How many’s that in a week!

Bailey getting advanced with Adrian and Doyley
Riley AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Doyley
Riley AFF Stage 3 – Photo Adrian
Aiden AFF Stage 9
Drew AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Doyley

See ya,
Macca and the Ramblers Team.

My experience of a tandem skydive was for my 40th Birthday. I could not imagine possibly enjoying myself any more than what I did today. Thank you to my tandem guide and the video guys. Instructions were very clear and thorough about what to do, what to expect and I got a great tour guide experience up in the air. I look forward to doing it again.


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