Selecting the Right Skydive Training Program For You

Selecting the Right Skydive Training Program For You

Friday, January 11, 2019

Learning how to skydive is simple, right? Someone shows you how to put on a parachute, puts you on a plane and opens the door once you’re nice and high, then gives you a quick nudge and you’re on your way?


As a matter of fact, nope! You might be surprised to discover that, indeed, you have options as far as learning how to skydive is concerned. At a skydiving training center as well-appointed as Skydive Ramblers, you can even choose a program type that fits you best. Here at Ramblers, we’re proud to conduct student training seven days a week at our beautiful Toogoolawah drop zone, every day we’re blessed with good weather (“beautiful one day, perfect the next.”).


Let’s take a moment together to visualise each training program on offer.

No matter which training method you choose, beginners are welcome! Each course type is designed for adventurous souls with no previous skydiving experience. All the equipment you need is cheerfully supplied — as well as great FUN!

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Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is ideal for the person who wants to experience the adventure of skydiving, but feels unsure about having this become their weekend hobby. (We’re pretty convinced that it won’t be a mystery before long!) Whether you do a tandem skydive just once in your lifetime or choose to make it your hobby to occupy every weekend between here and eternity, a tandem skydive remains the number-one way for new hobbyists to “taste” the sport. Important note: Completing numerous tandem skydives won’t get you to your solo license, but it’s a unequalled fun way to get some air if you’re not interested in taking to the skies by yourself.

Sara IAD exit

Instructor Assisted Deployment

Instructor Assisted Deployment, or “IAD,” for short, is a tried-and-trusted approach to learning to skydive that’s been around since the sport’s very earliest days. This training method is still around for a reason: it remains the cheapest way to earn your solo skydiving license, and it focuses squarely on all-important canopy (parachute piloting) skills from the get-go. IAD is best-suited for folks who want to learn to skydive on a budget.


You’ll start in the classroom, learning the theory behind our procedures, then proceed to a first jump during which your instructor deploys your parachute immediately upon exit. You’ll practice flying your parachute, land with a great big smile on your face and proceed to freefall after your first four jumps are tucked into your logbook. When you’ve accumulated at least 15 jumps and have qualified for your ‘A’ Certificate from the Australian Parachute Federation, then congratulations will be due! You’ll be a solo skydiver.

Accelerated Free Fall

Accelerated Free Fall

Accelerated Free Fall (“AFF”) is the modern gold standard for learning to skydive. This training method puts the emphasis on freefall (hence the name!), with high-altitude exits that deliver minute-long freefall experiences straightaway, from level number one. AFF is ideal for the adventurer who’s already in love with the idea of flying and wants to get their freefall on from the very start.

Wind Tunnel Option

Want to turbo-charge your AFF? Our wind-tunnel option is ideal for that over-achiever who wants to get comfortable in the sky right away. It’s AFF with a fun twist to help accelerate the learning curve: time spent practicing technique in the “indoor skydiving” vertical wind tunnel. Together, we’ll utilise the “skydiving simulator” at the Gold Coast to enhance your skydiving skills, getting you familiar with the feeling of skydiving so that you can focus (and perform) better in the sky. While you can certainly incorporate the Wind Tunnel Option into either IAD or AFF, we find that most students incorporate it into AFF, and it boosts their rockstar status significantly. Ramblers have helped pioneer the option of using the wind tunnel for skydiving training, and we — as well as our grinning students — couldn’t be happier about the results.


So: What’ll it be? Choose a skydiving training option from our uniquely extensive menu, then come and join us in beautiful Toogoolawah. You’ll be a solo skydiver before you know it!

The facilities and equipment are amazing. Pool, bar, plenty of wildlife and the location is just fantastic. The staff are professional, friendly and very welcoming. The local regular jumpers are extremely helpful too so have a chat, ask questions and get involved. Enjoy.


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