Rambling On ⭐️ Newsletter #611 (13-19 May 2024)

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Achievements & Congratulations

Completed AFF Course: ⭐️ Simon ⭐️ Jamie ⭐️ Thomas

Star Crest: ⭐️ Nico

Drop Zone Action

Another fantastic skydiving week was upon us. We started our week with a group of Tandem jumps which were an awesome group of people. Mid week was great with our ongoing students and coaching jumps, and quite a few experienced fun jumpers came along filling the load.

The weekend was massive. 3 advanced training courses were run at the DZ. The Flying Nachos ran angles, Vertical Decent was run by MadDog and we had Joshy’s canopy course.

Ramblers new AFF students for the week were Jamie and Simon. Both started their ground training and continued through their AFF course during the week.

Our ongoing students for the week were Thomas, Jack, Keller, Jeremy, James, Adam, Steve, Elijah and Yinchun, who all continued through their AFF Course.

Certificate B training B-Rel jumps were done by: Abby, Yuge (x2), Paul (x2), Hannah (x2), David (x3), Jared, Fabian, Mia and Zhen.

And we welcomed our newest Tandem skydivers: Brendan, Jennifer, Rebecca, Ronnie, Kamilah, Jamil, Archer, Andrew, Imogen, Shaily, Jeremy and Nicholas – big High-Fives to all that took the leap, we look forward to seeing you all coming back for more.

Vertical Descent 1

Vertical Descent 1 was held last weekend at Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah by Maddog and Flossy. This camp catered for intermediate Head Down flying with 10 participants and 2 coaches in 2 groups of 6.

The weather gods were listening to our calls and provided some great weather for both days. Each participant had the chance to jump in different slots in the base and dive or float to a variety of formations. Great progression was made by all in a safe and fun manner!

Special thanks goes to SQPC, Toogoolawah Skydivers Club, Skydive Ramblers for all of the support.

Can’t wait for the next one !!
Matt Thomas

Photos by Matt Smith

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

⭐️ Michael – Leaving the plane is awesome.
⭐️ Aaron – Ditto – Woohoo!
⭐️ Simeon – Amazing experience & looking forward to doing it again.
⭐️ Shae-Lee – Amazing, professional + fun! 😊
⭐️ Sam – No stress at all because of an awesome professional + fun team! Thanks so much😊
⭐️ Jennifer – Chill + Fun + Professional team.  Loved every bit!
⭐️ Rebecca – Awesome experience – great!!!
⭐️ Jeremy – It scare me! But it fun!
⭐️ Imogen – What just happened?!?  Incredible!!! 😊


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Did my first tandem jump at Ramblers and one week later was back starting my AFF course. Awesome place and excellent people :))

“excellent people” – by Jess Reeves

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