Rambling On ⭐️ Newsletter #612 (20-26 May 2024)

Wednesday, May 29, 2024


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Achievements & Congratulations

Completed AFF: ⭐️ James ⭐️ Adam ⭐️ Jamie ⭐️ Simon ⭐️ Jack
Star Crest: ⭐️ Jodie
Wingsuit Crest: ⭐️ Tom

Drop Zone Action

Beautiful weather was upon us all week. Mild fog most mornings as we head into the cooler month, it doesn’t stay for long. Was a good turn out this week with most students finished their AFF course, whilst our new students got amongst all the action and fun. For the fun jumpers, the Belly Bash event started out slow due to the weather, but everyone got a few jumps in over the weekend.

Ramblers new AFF students for the week were Jack, Curtis, Hamish, Jordan, Mitchell and Dominic. Our ongoing students for the week were Daniel, Jay and Diana, who continued through their AFF Course.  Certificate B training B-Rel jumps were done by: Gert, Diego, David, Jared, Tuli (x2), and Scott.

And we welcomed our newest Tandem skydivers: Sallie, Barbara, Christopher, Jennifer and Johanna – big High-Fives to all that took the leap, we look forward to seeing you all coming back for more.

Belly Bash (25th May)

“Well, Saturday was certainly suboptimal on the weather front, but that didn’t stop 20 undeterred BellyBashers descending on Ramblers to get some belly goodness!

Our determination paid off, and the weather Gods rewarded us with two jumps in the afternoon! We did variations of a technically challenging 6-way arrowhead, and it was awesome to see the progress made between the jumps – especially amongst the lesser-experienced fliers!!

As ever, thanks heaps to our sponsors, Ramblers, TSC, SQPC and Mee Loft and our camera fliers Michael and Fitchy for capturing the goodness!!

Attendees: Nicolas D., Sean L., Luke M., Jeffrey J., Greg C., Glenn K., Chris Dodds, Matt B., Ryan B., Fred O., Matt F., Adrian B., Doug M., Emily McG., Micky P., Emily H., Guy G., Paul O., 🎥 Michael Young, 🎥 Steve Fitchett.”

Chris Dodds.

Photos by Michael Young & Steve Fitchett

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

⭐️ Sallie – “Bloody Brilliant, Coming Back Again.”


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Was anxious-as coming in to start my AFF course, but these guys truly put me at ease. Felt more like joining a members club than just buying a commercial course. Great atmosphere - encouraging staff - awesome experience.....Now I just gotta get back and complete the course!

“truly put me at ease” – by Gordon Price (AFF Course)

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