Rambling On ⭐️ Newsletter #610 (6-12 May 2024)

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Drop Zone Action

Another awesome week for skydiving on Labour Day here in sunny Queensland. A good week jam-packed with Tandems, Students and Fun Jumpers. By the time the weekend rolled around we had lost our good weather AND rain, clouds and winds were forecast. We still managed to get a few loads in between the rain cells. All were happy by the end of the week.

Ramblers new AFF students for the week were Stephen and Steven. Both students started their ground training and continued through their AFF course during the week. Our ongoing students for the week were Dakota, Thomas and Yinchun who all continued through their AFF Course. Certificate B training – B-Rel jumps were done by: Connor, Clemence, Lison, Glenn, Akalia and Zhen.

We welcomed our newest Tandem skydivers: Sabrina, Beau, Emily, Charles, Hayley, Shae-Lee, Andrew, Aaron, Michael, Kerry, Brendon, Madison, Natasha, Samuel and Simeon – big High-Fives to all that took the leap, we look forward to seeing you all come back for more.

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

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These guys are a well oiled machine, what an amazing experience and such awesome people and facilities! A MUST for all!

“well oiled machine” – by Danielle Richter

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