Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #468 (7-13 June 2021)

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

 Calypso McDonnell – A Certificate
 Alan Roach – A Certificate
 Daniel Obed Rojas Cruz  – C Certificate
 April Hardy – 100th Skydive

Monday 7th was fairly quiet, but we got 5 loads in. Sid (Sudheer Venkatayogi) did a Tandem jump with Oli, and April did her 100th Skydive.

OliM and Sid tandem
Tyla – Photos by Sara
April Going For Her 100th Skydive… Who Are Those Masked Bandits? Chris : Georgie : April : Tyla : Jayden – Photo by Ramblers
Hybrid! April’s 100th Skydive – Photo by Jayden (@woodziny)
April – Photo by Sara
Happy 100th April – Photo by Ramblers

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were also weathered out.

Friday at least was a better day. Ricky Maggu did his Tandem. And Max did his B-Rel Stage 2 progress jump.

Max B-Rel Stage 2

Saturday was a beautiful day. Fun Jumpers started arriving early. There was a fair amount of Relative Work happening. There were also quite a few novice and intermediate-level jumpers here. Max did his B-Rel Stage 3, and Trent did his B-Rel 6.3 with Keegan and Pat.

Our Tandem today was Josephine Dines. It was a beaut day.

Max B-Rel Stage 3 – Photo Adrian
Trent B-Rel 6.3 with Keegan and Pat
Josephine with Oli – Photo by Ramblers

Sunday was much the same as Saturday – great weather, lots of happy skydivers jumping, and our Tandems were Nikita Sovetov, Tsung Leung Lam, Shannon Reed, Tyson Heffler and Ross Windle.  It was a great way to end the week.

Shannon loving freefall with Tandem Master Sara, and Monique saying G’day.
Oli and Tyson before jumping – Photos by Sara
Ross tandem freefall – Photo Adrian

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Macca and Team Ramblers.

DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

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Ramblers student under a Para-Commander and using the new piggyback harness, over Toogoolawah early 1980s. Toogoolawah DZ was the first Drop Zone in the world to use piggyback systems for 1St Jump Students. The Student Pigmee harness with the revolutionary Single Operation System or SOS, was invented by Dave Smith and Parachutes Australia. Photo courtesy of John Meara.

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Was anxious-as coming in to start my AFF course, but these guys truly put me at ease. Felt more like joining a members club than just buying a commercial course. Great atmosphere - encouraging staff - awesome experience.....Now I just gotta get back and complete the course!

Gordon Price

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