Sunday, May 7, 2017

The latest Equinox was one of the best. The weather was good. The planes and pilots were fabulous. The coaches were exceptional. The drop zone was sparkling. The night jumps went off. The day jumps went off too! The day tapes made the day. The music made the night. The ambulance was (almost) never here. And the people who where here made it fabulous. I just want to say Thank You to everybody who came and to everybody who served.

I sometimes get the feeling that the Equinox Boogie is getting stale. I suppose that’s because I’ve been to every one! But every time the Nox is over and I have just seen so many people having such a good time and doing such good skydiving I realise it’s not about me, it’s about other skydivers. It is so much about the newer jumpers who haven’t experienced an Equinox before, and about the experienced who have been to a Nox before and who come back because they want more.

There are so many people to thank. I’ve mentioned the pilots and the coaches. I would like to mention them again. Thank you. And thank you to the DZSO and his assistant. Thank you to my manifest and organising staff. Thank you to my cleaners. Thank you to the Nox volunteer extraordinaire Viv Oakes. Thanks to Kylie and her musical crew. Thanks to the caterers and the riggers. Thanks Phil Onis.

Thanks Everybody, I had a ball. See you in October 2018!


Read the full article including lots of photos in the Australian Skydiver Magazine (issue 83).

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Hi everyone, if anybody is thinking of skydiving, Skydive Ramblers is the perfect place! They have awesome and experienced instructors. You can complete a number of courses or just came for a tandem jump. The area is amazing!!!!


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