Toogs DZ action (22 May – 11 June)

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Open the door and yahoo! ReadySetGo – Wing suits, Hi5s, tracks, 360s, SitFlys, foot docks, head downs, front loop, line twists, back flying, happy smiling girls, stoked students, AFF students in high concentration, alti checks, pilot haven’ fun, BigWays, formations, transitions, keys the next point, sweeeeet exits, 2-way wagon wheel, carve it, landings and swoops for days! Pack and do it all again!

Big shout out to our Drop Zone Equinox Rocks bands, thanks for lending us your tunes!:
Truth Serum – File away
Diva Demolition – Energy

Thanks to all camera flyers and good on Adrian Seemann for the groovy edit!

Hi everyone, if anybody is thinking of skydiving, Skydive Ramblers is the perfect place! They have awesome and experienced instructors. You can complete a number of courses or just came for a tandem jump. The area is amazing!!!!


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