e-News #296 (18-24 Sep. 2017)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Samuel Gorham – Completed AFF
Kurt Cooper – Certificate A
Geoffrey Murphy – Certificate B
Simon Backman – Certificate C
Chris Main – Star Crest
Adrian Seemann – Crest Application
Alex Lay – Packer A
Aaron Fels – 200 Jumps

Photos Missed From Last Week:

Practice jump with Cheyne Kupfer – Photos by Jon Kent

Newsletter Time!

It’s Monday 18th September. Our newest student Samuel Gorham did Stage 1 of his AFF Course. Luke and Cheyne kept the 182 going.

Doyley on approach

Tuesday was a bit busier. Homer carried the loads.
Hideo Kobayashi did a tandem….

Doyley Salute on Hideo’s tandem


Tandem bag deploying with Hideo and Doyley – Photos by Alex
Hideo tandem – Photo by Doyley

and Chelsea Franz also did one for her Birthday.

Chelsea Birthday tandem
Chelsea Birthday tandem – flying the parachute
Chelsea super excited

Student Samuel Gorham did Stages 2, 3, & 4 of his AFF Course.

Sam on his way for AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Sara
Sam AFF Stage 3 getting thumbs up with Darren – Photo Adrian
Sam AFF Stage 4 – Photo Sara

Other fun jumpers helped fill the loads.

Guilluame on fire Head Up – Photo Doyley

Wednesday was a full on Charlie the 182 day.
Student Lyle Douglas did his first solo parachute jump.

Lyle Static Line Jump – Photo Sara

Samuel Gorham did Stages 5, 6 & 7.

Sam on AFF Stage 5 – flying by himself for the first time – Photo Adrian
Sam AFF Stage 6 – Photo Doyley
Sam AFF Stage 7 backflip – Photo Adrian

Cheyne Kupfer kept hanging around.

Cheyne strut hang

Thursday was another 182 day. Cody Dyce rocked his Birthday tandem.

Cody Birthday Tandem
Happy Birthday Cody
Sara deploying Cody’s tandem

Samuel Gorham did Stages 8 & 9 – completing his AFF, well done!

Sam AFF Stage 8
Sam in freefall – Photos by Doyley
Sam AFF Stage 9 – Photo Adrian

Friday was a non-event, it was hot and gusty. No jumping happened but we had a brief thunderstorm. There were some Koala capers happening!

Koala capers – Photos by Doyley

Saturday was a beaut day, good weather and a nice roll up of keen jumpers.

Kestrel exiting caravan in ATC wingsuit – Photo Alex

Our only tandem was Sara Cullen’s friend Grant Blair. He loved it!

Grant and skydiving girlfriend Sara C
Grant in freefall
Grant flying the parachute
Grant landing

We had five new students. Kok Wai Chong, Ben Galvin, Darren Hoenhe, Cody McCallum, and Ellery Miles did Stage 1 of their AFF Courses.

Four students about to fly on TAF 1 – Photos by Sara
Wai TAF 1 – Photo Doyley
Ben TAF 1 – Photo Sara

Kevin White was back for more, nailing Stages 4 & 5.

Kevin AFF Stage 4 with Adrian –  Photos by Doyley
Kevin AFF Stage 5 – Photo Adrian

Nathan Cagney ripped into Stages 7 & 8.

Nathan AFF Stage 7 – backflips

Nathan AFF Stage 7 – backflips and a high five – Photos by Doyley

Nathan AFF Stage 8 – high fives – Photo Sara

Our resident pilot Cameron Candy swapped his fixed wings for feathers and did a great Stage 8.

Candyman AFF Stage 8 high five
Candyman AFF Stage 8 deployment

On Sunday things slowed down. The weather was hot, dry and nasty, not really good for Fun jumping. We did a couple of loads. It was one of those days!

Candyman flying the plane as he should be – Photos by Doyley

See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.

Visitor Book Comments

Chelsea Franz – Best Birthday Ever! 🙂
Cody Dyce – Best Birthday Ever – Best instructors with Great reassurance
Grant Blair – Had an awesome jump with my Girl!  It was epic 🙂 Thanks so much Sara

We spent eight days at Skydive Ramblers and had great time. Awesome DZ, awesome friendly staff, great airplane and facilities. Accommodation on premises was great and very reasonably priced. We also enjoyed after jumping socialising at the bar on DZ and great food both at DZ and in nearby Toogoolawah town. Skydive Ramblers are wingsuit friendly and there is plenty of landing space around DZ.
Highlight of our trip was incredible kangaroo action at landing area - we did literally land on kangaroos and it was great fun :-) There are also wild koalas in the area.

Alexander Safonov

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