e-News #295 (11-17 Sept. 2017)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Cody Collins – Completed AFF
Matthew Bigby – Certificate A
Simon Backman- 100 Jumps

This week’s Newsletter, starting Monday 11th of September could almost be a non-event. Nothing happened today. On Tuesday 12 we put up six182 loads. Adam Parker nailed all six loads. Cheyne Kupfer and Hwan Hee Jeong were on all five others. Well done, great all day effort.

Cheyne B-Rel 3 – Photo Doyley

On Wednesday 13 it was similar. We put up some more loads in Charlie. Thursday got blown away. On Friday the 182 flew  another 5 loads. Danny, Geoff and Adam were on all five. I left late afternoon and headed to Mitchell Creek for a demo with Doug and Rod Benson into the Rock n Blues Festival on the Saturday.

Saturday was quiet but steady. Most of our regulars headed to the Queensland Champs at Tyagarah. Kevin White was here for his 1st Jump Course and did Stage 1. Cody Collins did Stages 7, 8 & 9 – completing his AFF, well done!

Cody AFF7 backflips for dayz
Cody on final Stage AFF 9 – Good work!

Cheyne was back for some more training.

Cheyne B-Rel 5 with Gavin – Photos by Sara

The “Bond” Trio (Simon Backman, John Hannan & Luke Morley) were at it again for Simon’s 100th, taking it up a step to Superhero status.

John “Carnage” Hannan
Simon “The Flash” Backman
Luke “Venom Spiderman” Morley

The “Bond” Trio (Simon, John & Luke) at it again for Simon’s 100th – Photos by Lois Lane

Kane Challis got stuck into his B-Rel training. Well done to you too!

Kane B-Rel 6-1 with Marlies and Elise
Kane B-Rel 6-2 with Marlies and Dani
Kane B-Rel 6-2 – freefal with Marlies and Dani – Photos by Sara

Doug put on a great Aussie Flag demo into the Mitchell Creek Rock n Blues Festival and Rod took some great shots. I had fun too. Rod and Doug then repeated the display when they jumped back into the drop zone late Saturday.

Australia Flag Demo into Mitchell Creek Music Festival – Photos by Rod Benson

Aussie Flag jump back into Toogoolawah DZ after the Mitchell Creek Music Festival – Photos by Rod Benson

Sunday was similar to yesterday, quiet but steady. Our new tandem jumpers were Gudrun White and Sally Goodlet.

Gudrun – First tandem ever
Gudrun after landing and loving it
Sally in tandem with Benny about to take the leap
Sally loving freefall
Yeow – smiles all around – nice work Sally – Photos by Sara

Kevin White did Stages 2 & 3 of his AFF Course.

Kevin AFF Stage 2 – delta – Photo Ben Fuller
Kevin AFF Stage 3 with Millie
Kevin AFF Stg3 with Milly – photo by Jon Kent


Kane nailed his final B-Rel, well done and congratulations – B Certificate coming your way.

Kane B-Rel 6-3 – final jump with Millie and Anthony – Photo Sara

The Mitchell Creek Rock & Blues Festival was great and again, the demos on Saturday were terrific.

See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.

Visitor Book Comments

Sally Goodlet – It was a fantastic experience.  Thanks Bro and

Julie – best birthday gift!  Looking forward to doing it again.

Gudrun White – I had an amazing tandem jump!!  Thanks Sara and the team for this great experience!!

Did my first tandem jump with Sara what an absolute buzz & she made it completely painless highly recommended if you are looking to jump in Australia

“absolute buzz” – by Steve Lindley

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