B-Rel Training Day

Friday, May 25, 2018

After you receive your ‘A’ Certificate, the next step towards becoming an experienced skydiver is to complete your B-Rels (B-Rels = ‘B-Certificate’ Course relative work jumps). B-Rels are designed to teach you how to skydive safely with other skydivers.

The B-Rel program consists of 6 Stages. If your flying skills are already exceptional, you might even be able to do more than one Stage at a time. Once you’ve completed all six stages (and a few additional minor qualifications), you’ll be eligible to receive your ‘B’ Certificate.

For more info about B-Rel support and available rebates, visit our B-Rels & Star Crest webpage.

This video was compiled on Saturday, the 12th of May with B-Rel candidates Jett Girvin (with the help of his dad David and his mum Vikki), as well as novices Ash Robinson, Tyler Stewart & Warner Trim. Thanks to the APF for their support and thanks to Steve Fitchett and the camera flyers for their contribution.

B-Rel Training – Fitchimages

With father Dave, mother Vikki, son Jett Girvin, and Ramblers Instructor Sara.

Thanks guys was an absolute amazing experience my daughter and I loved it we both will be back again for a second tandem jump in the future a special thanks to Anna and my camera man awesome job guys you both made me feel very safe I highly recommend ramblers skydiving too anybody wishing to experience a skydive.

Craig Johnson

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