Toogs DZ e-News #379 (22-28 April 2019)

Wednesday, May 1, 2019


Lindsay Day – Completed AFF
Laura Johansson–Salagaen – Completed AFF
Cooper McClymont – Certificate A
Rob Morley – Certificate A
Yixiao Chen – Completed AFF & Certificate A
Jailaing Lu – Completed AFF & Certificate A
Bianca Diamond – Competed AFF & Certificate A
Zebwilliam Whallay – Certificate A
Cameron Luck – Certificate B

This Newsletter starts on Monday 22nd April. And it starts with Yixiao Chen who did Stage 4 of his AFF Course and Joshua Mos did Stages 4 and 5.  Bianca Diamond did Stage 9 – completing her AFF. Congratulations Bianca! And hey, there were 23 jumpers here and 3 loads.

Chen AFF Stage 4 – Photo Doyley
Josh AFF Stage 4
Josh Stage 5 360 degree turns
Bianca AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Sara
Charmaine freeflying – Photo Kestrel

On Tuesday nothing nothing happened. You guessed it, iffy weather. But on Wednesday  Jianliang Lu was back and did Stages 4 & 5 of his AFF Course, and Yixiao Chen did Stages 5 & 6. There were 3 loads again and 16 jumpers here.

Chen AFF Stage 5
Chen AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Sara

Our two Tandems on Anzac Day, Thursday 25th April were James Prevost and Madelaine Quarrell.  More people arrived. Harrison Carrodus did Stage 3 of  his AFF Course. Jianliang Lu did Stages 6 & 7. Lindsay Day did Stages 6, 7 & 8 and Yixiao Chen did Stages 7 & 8. There were 11 loads and 40 jumpers. It was a great Anzac Day. It was like a Saturday.

James tandem freefall – Photo Oli M
Madelaine tandem exit – Photo Adrian
Harrison AFF Stage 3 – Photo Doyley

Jianliang “Jay” AFF Stage 6
Jay AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Adrian
Lindsay AFF Stage 6
Lindsay AFF Stage 7
Lindsay AFF Stage 8
Chen AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Olli
Chen AFF Stage 8 – Photo Doyley
Ellen Bingham B-Rel Stage 1 – Photo Oli M

There were a few Tandems on Friday. Mitch Reynolds, Cameron Jones, Brock Falzon, Alexander Bowen, Isaac Bowen and third generation skydiver Jordan McEvoy all took to the sky, Jordan for the 15th time! Jianliang Lu did Stages 8.  Yixiao Chen, Rob Morley and Ellen Bingham were here doing jumps towards their Certificates. There were 8 loads done and 25 jumpers made the most of Funtastic Friday.

Mitch’s tandem – Photo Will M
Cameron tandem exit – Photo Adrian
Cameron in freefall
Alexander’s tandem – Photos by Will M
Isaac tandem exit
Isaac freefall
Jay AFF Stage 8 – tracking for days – Photos by Adrian
Jordan McEvoy and Darren – Photo Karen McEvoy (Nana)

Saturday was busy. There were 71 jumpers here and there were 17 loads done. We had a 6 x way Speedstar competition on among our local jumpers. Our DZ 8-way Rel Work team also got stuck into it. Our newest Tandem was Graham Saville. Our newest first timer Shay Monreal did Stages 1 & 2 of his AFF Course. Ryan Biggs did Stages 2, 3 & 4 and Yixiao Chen, Laura Johansson-Salagaen, Lindsay Day, Jianliang Lu and Laura Johanssons all did Stage 9 – completing their AFF Courses! Yahoo! Well done! It was a great day again, we needed the second Caravan for a couple of loads and the 182 was also flat out.

Graham landing with Adrian – Photo Will M
Shay TAF Stage 1 exit
Shay TAF Stage 1 alti check – Photos by Adrian
Shay AFF Stage 2 – Photo Doyley
Ryan AFF Stage 2
Ryan AFF Stage 4 – Photos by Sara
Chen AFF Stage 9
Laura AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Andy
AFF Completed – Adrian, Chen, Laura, Lindsay, Jay & Darren – Photo Karen
Brendt B-Rel Stage 4 – Photo Doyley
Speedstar exit
5 Way Star
All the 360s – Photos by Oli M
All Teams from 6-Way Speed Stars
Winners of 6-Way Speed Stars – “Oli’s Awesomes”– Blaino, Ian, Jason, Oli, Marlies, Mike – Photos by Karen
Aaron and Matt 2-Way – Photo Doyley

Things slowed a little on Sunday. There were 7 loads done and 33 jumpers still here. Sarah Lyon and Monique Longhorn enjoyed their TandemsTodd Pickering started the 1st Jump Course with Doyley and did his Stage 1.  Ryan Biggs got stuck into it and did AFF Stages 5, 6, 7 & 8. The Pontiac Car Club arrived for lunch and a photo shoot. Top cars! Great day. Great week.

Sarah tandem freefall – Photo Oli M
Monique tandem exit
Monique in freefall – Photos by Adrian
Todd TAF Stage 1 – Photo by Doyley
Ryan AFF Stage 5
Ryan AFF Stage 6
Ryan AFF Stage 7 backflip
Ryan AFF  Stage 8 – Photos by Sara
Cory B-Rel 5 with Oli
Cory B-Rel 6.1 with Oli And Eddie – Photos by Adrian

See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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James Prevost – Awesome second tandem skydive. Way better that last time.  Very professional experience!  Cheers – Jimmy

Sarah Lyon – Unbelievable.  I was in shock from the minute the door opened.  “Adrian was so nice he needs a pay rise.”

Did my first tandem jump with Sara what an absolute buzz & she made it completely painless highly recommended if you are looking to jump in Australia

Steve Lindley

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