How To Get Into Skydiving

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Guess what? Getting into skydiving has never been easier! The technology used in skydiving today has made learning to skydive exponentially more accessible than it used to be in the olden days. Better equipment and smarter training methods make learning to skydive remarkably attainable. Now that your wildest skydiving dreams are closer than you ever thought possible, you probably want to know how to make them happen…and we at Skydive Ramblers are here for you!

tandem skydiving at Skydive Ramblers

1. Start the journey with a tandem skydive

Making a tandem skydive an excellent introduction to the sport of skydiving. Not only does it give you some key information about how skydiving feels that’s full-on impossible to pass along any other way, it’ll help cut through the sensory overwhelm of  freefall. Starting with a tandem skydive will also familiarize you with the body position we use, with the basic components of the equipment, with the aircraft and with the general landing pattern.

Most importantly, a tandem skydive will help you to truly know if skydiving is actually something you want to invest your time and money in. Is your hunger for the sky a wishful dream or a badass skillset you really wish to pursue? It’s best to know right from the start.

2. Move on to your AFF licensing progression

At Skydive Ramblers, we use the Accelerated Free Fall method — the most modern way to learn how to skydive solo. The name includes the word “accelerated” because this particular progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall. During the program (which takes place first on the ground, then up in the sky), you’ll learn the skills you need to safely kit up in your gear, approach an aircraft, exit the aircraft door, fly your body in the sky, deploy your parachute and land. Each AFF level is designed to add new skills to your repertoire and to strengthen those you already have. You’ll be supported in every stage, as each successive training jump is performed alongside one or two instructors (depending on the level).


Accelerated Free Fall method - Solo Skydiving

3. Work on your skills in the tunnel

Freefall might look easy in videos, but trust us — it’s by far not the easiest thing you’ve ever done. It’s a challenge! Luckily, these days, there’s a “hack” to help get the hang of the tricky stuff: flying indoors, in the vertical wind tunnel. Also known as “indoor skydiving,” the wind tunnel is a great thing for our sport — because “indoor skydiving” allows any skydiver the ability to fine-tune bodyflight skills in a variable-controlled, weather-independent setting. Indoor skydiving wind tunnels (like the tunnels right here in Aus) have become essential training tools for skydivers of every level, from brand-newbies to sponsored badasses. Most of our sport skydivers make as much use of the wind tunnel as they can!

4. Don’t hesitate.

Ask anyone on the dropzone, and they’ll agree: Learning to skydive will probably be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. The team here at Skydive Ramblers certainly uphold it as our very greatest adventure, and we’re excited to get you started on yours. Reserve your first jump today!

Did my first tandem jump with Sara what an absolute buzz & she made it completely painless highly recommended if you are looking to jump in Australia

Steve Lindley

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