Toogs DZ e-News #377 (8-14 April 2019)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019


Rob Morley – Completed AFF
Tayia Merrett – Completed AFF
Ninette Keller – Completed AFF
Shane Jones – Completed AFF
Brendt Hughes – Completed AFF
Silas Barnes – Certificate A
Ross Burbury – Certificate A + B
Warrin Riley – Certificate A + B
Cory Cassell – Landed First Pack for No Chop
Ty Fels – 500th – Certificate E
David Brown – 1000th Jump

It’s Newsletter time. It’s Monday 8th April, and Ben Presser was back for a few jumps towards his A Licence. It was a great start to the week after a fantastic weekend. There 5 loads including which included 7 fun jumpers. Tuesday was similar, Silas Barnes did a few jumps towards his A Licence.  There were 3 loads and a few fun jumpers here to fill the plane.

Cory midweek track – Photo Sara

Wednesday was a bit busier. Tyler Luxford did a Tandem.  Our newest 1st Jump Student Shane Jones did Stage 1 of his AFF Course.  There were 4 loads and 11 fun jumpers were here.

Tyler’s tandem with Adrian – Photos by Adrian
Shane TAF Stage 1 – Photo Sara
Chris B-Rel Stage 3 – Photo Shelby

The Tandem Thursday was David Shiwietz. Shane Jones did AFF Stages 2 & 3 of his Course. Wade McCracken did Stage 6.  There were 3 loads and again 10 fun jumpers were here for some fun.

David tandem exit
David in tandem under canopy
Robin chasing David – Photos by Adrian
Shane AFF Stage 3 with Adrian
Wade AFF Stage 6

Friday was Funtastic. Again 11 fun jumpers kept the plane full. Clement Lallemand did AFF 3 & 4. Shane Jones did Stage 4 and Rob Morley did Stage 9 – completing his AFF! Congratulations.

Clement AFF Stage 3
Clement AFF Stage 4 with Darren – Photo Adrian
Shane AFF Stage 4 with Adrian – Photo Doyley
Corey B-Rel Stage 4 – Photos by Shelby

The two Tandems Saturday were Joshua Rolington and Emily Dunne. Harrison Carrodus was back for Stage 2 of his AFF Course. Shane Jones knocked over Stages 5, 6 & 7. Ninette Keller and Tayia Merrett both did Stage 9 – completing their AFF Courses. More congratulations! It was a beaut day. Dave Brown did his 1,000th jump and the flatties had some very successful skydives. A bit of everything was happening. Novices and students were hard at it all day. The plane flew until sunset.

Josh in freefall
Josh after landing – Photo Sara
Emily doing her tandem – Photo Andy
Andy and Emily landing
Emily, Andy and Matt – Photos by Karen
Shane AFF Stage 5
Shane AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Doyley
Ninette AFF Stage 9
Tom B-Rel 1 & 2
Tom B-Rel 3 – Photos by Adrian
Pedro’s refresher jump – Photo Sara

John McMahon’s Invitationals

“Morning all, hey hey Dave, 1000 jumps, congratulations and thanks for the champagne, most enjoyable night, and day. The group did 4 jumps, unfortunately I was only on three so missed the most important jump of the day, Dave’s 1000th. So I can only report on the 1st three, they were great, check out the nice roundy at the end of the 1st jump, great geeks at the camera and on the 2nd jump I suggested we go the creepers, hard to imagine that isn’t it, as we had a couple of back ins (sorry Greg, outward facing docks), check out the video, very nice skydive. Tim took over video on the 3rd and 4th jumps so Dave played on them both, at least YOU didn’t go low on your 1000th, won’t mention who did but another day full of laughter and good company, thanks all I had a ball.

Next meet is the 11th of May, Dave is having surgery on his shoulder so will be looking for a camera person, or not, doesn’t matter cause we can always say we did all the points.
Anyway thanks for a great day.

Stay safe and remember, DON’T DO LOW HOOK TURNS

Video by David Brown

Macca at sunset – Photo by Steve Fitchett –

Sunday was almost as big as yesterday. And the last load was at sunset again. We had two new 1st Jump Students. Jialiang Lu “J” and Ryan Biggs did their TAF Stage 1. Laura Johansson Salagean knocked over Stages 6 & 7, Cooper McClymont did Stages 7 & 8, Shane Jones did Stages 8 & 9, and Brendt Hughes did Stage 9 – completing their AFF!  More Congratulations! There were 8 full loads and 37 fun jumpers. It was a great week of good jumping and good weather.

J TAF Stage 1 – Photo Adrian
Adrian and J landing
Ryan TAF Stage 1 – Photo by Sara
Sara and Ryan landing – Photos by Karen
Laura AFF Stage 6 – Photo by Sara
Cooper AFF Stage 7 backflip
Cooper AFF Stage 8 – tracking for days – Photo Adrian

Shane AFF Stage 8 & slow fall
Brendt AFF Stage 9

Tayia B-Rel 1 & 2 – Photos by Doyley
Ty, Gio, Michael – Angle – Photo Doyley
Ty tracking exit – Photo Sara


See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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