Toogs DZ e-News #376 (1-7 April 2019)

Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Michael Stevenson – Certificate A
Jared Moore – Certificate A
Matthias Stubbe – Certificate A
Sam Smith – Certificate B
Alexandre Combemorel – Certificate C

Shane Hutchinson – Star Crest
Jessica Bauer – Star Crest
Jett Girvin – 100 Jumps & Star Crest

Monday 1st April! It was good weather for the start of another skydiving week. Ben Mooney worked on his accuracy jumps for his A Certificate. Four quick 182 loads went up today.

On Tuesday Nardia Ricatti and Samantha Ward came out for a tandem skydive. That was about it for the day. Then on Wednesday Steven Hawkin came back for his AFF2, unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. Novice jumper Alexandria Hahlweg completed a few Hop ‘n’ Pop’s along with Eddie Ljungdahl.

Nardia in tandem with Sara
Sam in tandem with Darren photo by Robin

Thursday was a beauty. Edwin Lee did Stages 1, 2 & 3 of his AFF Course. Eddie, Macca, Dave, Robin and Mathias kept the plane turning.

Eddie TAF Stage 1
Eddie AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Doyley
Eddie AFF Stage 3 – Photo Doyley

Funtastic Friday arrived and it was a beautiful day for skydiving. Wade McCracken did Stage 1 of his AFF Course. Rob Morley did Stages 7 & 8. Skydivers started arriving and jumping plus the local fun jumpers here kept the loads full, jumping until sunset. The DZ’s new Coach House Cafe was open for dinner and the meals were great.

Wade TAF Stage 1
Wade TAF Stage 1 alti-check – Photos by Dave
Rob AFF Stage 7 exit
Rob AFF Stage 7 flying well – Photos by Doyley
Matt B-Rel 6.3
Matt, Tish, Alex, Terry B-Rel
Stacks on Terry, Matt, Alex – Photos by Tish

The only Tandem Saturday was Samuel Glyde.  New students Vilde Anderson, Clement Lallemand, Brock Kiehne, Harrison Carrodus and Julian Brady did Stage 1 of the AFF Course. Wade McCracken did Stages 2, 3 & 4 of his, while Brendt Hughes did Stages 5, 6 & 7.

Tish Dingle ran her Star Crest weekend with success for Shane Hutchinson, Jessica Bauer and Jett Girvin, all completing their Start Crests! Mossy was also back running a Canopy Course. 70 fun jumpers in total for today’s jumps. 26 loads for the day.

Sam Glyde tandem – Photo Andy
Sam being photo bombed by some crazy instructor – Photo Karen
Vilde TAF Stage 1 exit – Photo Sara
Clement Lallemand tandem
Harrison tandem – Photos by Andy
Wade AFF Stage 2 practice pulls – Photo Dave
Wade AFF Stage 2
Wade AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Doyley
Wade AFF Stage 3 turns with Doyley – Photo Dave
Brendt concentrating on AFF Stage 5
Brendt AFF Stage 6
Brendt AFF Stage 7 backflips – Photos by Sara
Jared Moore B-Rel Stage 1 – Photo Andy

Star Crests

Exit photo by Tish
Someones facing the wrong way Photo by Tish
Tish’s view
Photo Scott perkins
Kristina’s View

I had an awesome day Saturday!!! Congratulations Jess, Shane Hutchinson and Jett Girvin on successfully completing all 3 jumps. Thank you to all of the experienced jumpers for helping, Skydive ramblers for the $15 vouchers 😀 and SQPC for your support it’s greatly appreciated! Can’t wait for the next one Saturday 4th of May. Book it in your calendar, Emily Hatfield will be running the next event so please PM her to let her know your coming 😀

Natisha Dingle

Our only Tandem Sunday was Ella Labbett. It was a solid day’s jumping though. Fun jumpers, swoopers and students. Clement Lallemand did Stage 2 of his AFF Course. Wade McCracken and Laura Johansson did Stages 4 & 5. Tayia Merrett did 7 & 8 and Brendt Hughes also did Stage 8. Mossy still giving out great advice for his canopy handling students.  17 great loads went up today. Congrats to Jett Girvin on his 100th JUMP!

Ella sunset tandem – Photo Sara
Cory and Ella – Photo Karen
Wade AFF Stage 4 arms check – what a view
Wade AFF outside
Wade AFF 4.2 – Photo Doyley
Wade flying on his own for the first time – Photos by Dave
Laura AFF Stage 4 – Photo Anthony
Laura AFF Stage 5
Brendt AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Sara
Tayia backloops AFF Stage 7
Tayia Hi-5 and thumbs up
Tayia stable flying on AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Doyley
Jett’s 100th – Photo Dave

See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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Nardia – What a great team to jump with thanks for making us feel so comfortable!!  100% will do it again…

Samantha Ward – I had an amazing time with the people here.  Thank you very much.

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Went with them today for my first ever skydiving. It was amazing, exhilarating and exciting. Don't be scared, there's nothing terrifying about it. Once you are out of the plane, it feels like you're flying.


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