Toogs DZ e-News #355 (5-11 Nov. 2018)

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Michael Lindbeck – Certificate B

Will Morely – Head-Up Freefly Crest

It Newsletter time again, Monday 5th November. The week started well with students Adam Frankel and Andrew Cook doing Stages 1 & 2 of their AFF Courses. David Purdie continued towards his accuracy jump requirements.

Adam TAF Stage 1 – Photo Sara
Andrew TAF Stage 1 – Photo Adrian
Andrew and David practicing their foos between jumps – Photo Sara
Aaron B-Rel 2 & 3 – Photo Olli

On Tuesday the weather was ok for a while. The resident jumpers managed to get a load in before the hot northerly winds picked up.

Paul getting a sneaky coach jump in – Photo Sara

Our only Tandem Wednesday was Tess Mercado.  Also Ken Wieland did a first jump course and Paul Skender did a refresher. It kept the day moving.

Tess’s tandem in freefall with Sara – Photo Adrian

Thursday. In the morning it looked like bad weather was set in, but it cleared to a beautiful jumping day. Tandem for the day was Deborah Brollo. People started arriving to get ready for the C17. Lots of Funtastic Friday tickets were being sold!

Deborah’s tandem
John Head-Up

On Friday Ken Wieland did Stage 1 of his AFF Course.  Late in the afternoon the C17 buzzed the DZ (and the District), twice! We also did heaps of fun jumper loads. C17 fever was in the air! People wanted to get current.

Ken TAF Stage 1 with Adrian – Photo John Hamilton
Friday afternoon angle with Wade, Adam, Dino, Jack, Smithy and Maddog
Wade picking his nose exit with Adam, Dino and Jack – Photos by Adrian

Saturday. Then it happened. Over 250 people arrived before 7.00am! Then they all left by bus to RAAF Amberley Base only to return again by C17! Our Tandems were Paul Lowry, Steven McPartland and Jason Finlay.  New students Courtney Lennon, Chris Lees, Brandon Green, Tim Mingay, Marc Dunlop and Lachlan Merrick did Stage 1 of their AFF Courses. Andre Santos did Stages 5, 6 & 7. What a day! The DZ hasn’t seen anything like it before.

Steve’s tandem – Photo Ty Fels
Jason in tandem – Photo Adrian
Courtney ready for TAF Stage 1 – Photo Sara

Brandon TAF Stage 1 – Photos by Doyley
Tim TAF Stage 1 – Photo Adrian
Lachie with Andy on TAF Stage 1 – Photo Andy
Andre AFF Stage 5 – Photo Sara
Andre AFF Stage 6
Andre AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Olli

The big C-17 jump in aid of Legacy happened! Along with all the 250+ fun jumpers a number of Tandem jumps were also on board. See if you can check some of the videos posted on YouTube and Facebook.

C-17 exit – Photo Olli
C-17 tandem – Photo Doyley
Jane’s tandem from the C-17 with Marc – Photo Olli
Mr Spinoza – Photo Andy
Taylah C-17 – Photo Doyley

C17 Video by David Brown

The party at the DZ went off Saturday night. The bell didn’t stop ringing!

On Sunday it was back to normal, sort of. Our Tandems were Georgia White, Nathan Byrnes and Alisha Van Schie.  Courtney Lennon, Marc Dunlop and Brandon Green did Stage 2 of their AFF Courses and Tim Mingay did Stages 2, 3 & 4. There were lots of fun jumpers still here. The weather was great and Homer flew lots of loads.

Georgia on exit
Georgia under canopy – Photos by Adrian
Nathan tandem freefall
Nathan under canopy – Photos by Doyley
Alisha tandem in freefall – Photo Oli M
Courtney and Holly AFF Stage 2 – Photo Sara
Marc AFF Stage 2 – Photo Olli D
Brandon AFF Stage 2 – Photo Shaun
Tim AFF Stage 3
Tim AFF Stage 4 – Photos by Sara

Then it was Pub Night, which was pretty quiet really, which was to be expected really.

See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.


TESS MERCADO – The most surreal experience ever.  Love it!!!  Will do it again!

Paul Lowry – Great experience – great service.  Adrian was very professional and calming.

Nathan Byrnes – Thank you!  Crazy

Georgia White – Amazing!!! Thanks Adrian


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RING the BELL – Carton List

David Browne – First time jumping at Toogs
Aaron (Moo) – C-17
Luke Richardson – C-17
Corey – C-17
Chen – C-17
Cam – C-17
Marcus – C-17
Kevin – Star Crest
Jamie Strews – C- 17
Nollie – C-17
Rob – C-17
Bianca Wilson – C-17
Katy Willcock – C-Licence
Drewy – C-17
Richard – C-17
Archie – C-17
Gibbo – C-17
Tel – C-17
John Hamilton – 1st C-17
Allister Ware – 1st C-17
Jas Colless – 1st Loadmaster C-17
Ali Bates – C-17
Gary Schryn – C-17
Ash – C-17
Conor O’Neile – SEE-17
Melissa Lisle – C-17
Adam Lisle – C-17
Dannyel Alfold – First Toogs Jump
Jack P – C-17 Jump
Skye Marsh – 1st Solo Jump
James Pritchard – C-17
Gavin Maxwell – 700
Dylan Rice – C-17
Spot – C-17
Luke E – Toogs First
Ben P – C-17
Jackson Brockwell – SEE-17
Jason Finlay – 1 Time
Chris Ellis – C-17
Aston Cochrane C-17
Chris Golding – Legacy C17 Jump – Woot Woot!
Daniel Bindi – Legacy C17 1st Jump
Brad Jones – C17 Jump
Ash Bobowski – C17 Jump
David Browne – C17 Jump
Isaac Wardle – 1st Jump at Toooooogs
Adam Williams Because (8th C17)
Olli Dixon – First C17
Ebbony  Bradford – First C17
Shaun Hodgy – C17
Elise – C17
James – 1st C17
Shelbyyyy – C17
James – Legacy
Dan Ross – C17
Stephen Cowley – C17
Mick Connors – C17
Cam White – C17
Katy Willcock – C17 Woooooo
Jane Davenport – C17

Great experience, absolutely unforgettable, staff are all friendly and professional Making the whole experience easy, worry free and exhilarating. 100/10 experience worth visiting worth doing. : )

Kiara Kirby

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