Toogs DZ e-News #318 (19-25 Feb. 2018)

Monday, February 26, 2018

It’s not much of a Newsletter this week, starting Monday 19th February! Today was OK, our newest skydiver Ashley Robinson did Stage 1 of his AFF Course and Dan Vincic did Stages 4 & 5.

Dan AFF Stage 4
Dan AFF Stage 5 – Photos by Sara

It rained Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Mr Woo was back again with his Korean students but it continued to rain for two days so they didn’t get to jump until Saturday.

Mr Woo’s Crew – Woo, Kim Jr, and his Dad Kim – Photo Lynette

On Saturday the weather eased a little. We got 2 Caravan loads in the afternoon. Our next newest skydiver  Branden Pettersson did Stage 1 of his AFF Course. The Koreans finally got to go jumping. Hyun Seung Moon did a couple of jumps for his refresher.

Mr Moon’s refresher – back in the swing like he never left
Saturday afternoon angle with Macca and Mick  – Photos by Adrian

On Sunday the weather came good, a bit. More newest skydivers got going. Luke Puxley and Kim Jin Jinski did Stages 1 & 2 of their AFF Courses. Ashley Robinson did Stage 2 of his AFF Course and Kim Tae Il did a B-Rel.

Luke TAF Stage 1
Kim Jr. AAF Stage 1
Luke AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Sara
Ash AFF Stage 2
Kim B-Rel 1 – Photos by Adrian

And that was the week that almost wasn’t!!

See ya,
Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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Luke Puxley – Great experience.  Great instructors that care that you gain the skills required to jumps safely and have fun!  Sara & Darren were extremely helpful.

They helped me overcome all my fears! It was INCREDIBLE!

So last week I did a tandem jump!!!!! Was such a mad time! 🤯🤪🤩😮🤗 I've never wanted to skydive before but was asked to do it for work, so I really quite nervous. But the team at Ramblers Toogoolawah were so professional and cool that they made it such an undeniably EPIC and INCREDIBLE experience! Would even do it again! Highly recommend jumping there.

Briana Goodchild – Channel 9 Today Show

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