Toogs DZ e-News #310 (25-31 Dec. 2017)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Jae Seung Jo – Certificate A
Jared Eppelstun – Certificate A
Blake Dickson – Certificate B
Cheyne Kupfer – Certificates B & C
Matt Smith – 400 Jumps
Tiller Nicholas – 800 Jumps

Monday 25th of December. Merry Christmas Newsletter time. We had Christmas day off!

On Tuesday we were back into it, sort of! Ka Lam Cheong (Jared) was back for Stage 5 of his AFF Course. Emma Thornton got a B-Rel in. Fifteen other Feel Good Boogie people got Marj moving for a few loads.

Ka Lam Jared, AFF Stage 5 – Photo Sara
Emma  B-Rel 1 – Photo Doyley

Wednesday was busier. About 20 fun jumpers were keen. Tana Kelliher dropped by for a tandem. Emma kept the B-Rels happening. So did Jackson Brockwell.

Tana’s tandem
Emma B-Rel 2 – Photos by Sara
Emma B-Rel 4
Emma B-Rel 5
Emma B-Rel 5 with Ben and Doyley – Photos by Doyley
Jackson B-Rel 5 with Bambi
Jackson B-Rel 6 with Bambi and Alex – Photos by Adrian
Jackson B-Rel 6 – Photo Sara
Smithy freefly – Photo Adrian

On Thursday it was kind of busy. There were a lots of experienced jumpers here, lots of B-Rels happening. Plus freefly, plus angles!

Jared B-Rel 1 & 2 – Photo Doyley
Ben B-Rel 2
Ben Canavan B-Rel 4 – Photos by Adrian
Emma B-Rel 6 with Fred – Photo Doyley
Jackson B-Rel 6 with Bambi and Shelby – Photo Adrian
Matt S and Doyley Head Up
Angle jump – Photos by Doyley

Then Friday got busier. There were lots of regular jumpers here. It was Jared’s turn at the B-Rel jumps.

Jared B-Rel 3
Jared B-Rel 4 – Photos by Doyley

Saturday was busier again, to be expected I suppose. There were about 30 fun jumpers here, all going pretty hard. Our two tandems for the day were Brodie Duncalf and Roy Hilton, welcome aboard! Jared did some more B-Rels. So did Sam Hinde.

Brodie’s tandem with Adrian – Photo Luke Morley
Jared and Sam B-Rel 5 – Photo Doyley
Smithy’s 400th and Tiller’s 800th – Photo Adrian

And then it was Sunday 31st, our last day of 2017. Our two newest skydivers today were tandems Keith Gardiner and Jason White. Welcome aboard! The day’s jumping started early and it was all over just after lunch. Then it was Party Time!

Sam WTS AFF Stage 5
Cheyne, Tim & Chris B-Rel 6 – Photos by Doyley

Happy New Year all you skydivers out there. It’s going to be a big year. See ya soon,

Macca and the Ramblers Team at Toogoolawah.

Visitor Book Comments

Tim Whyte – Cannot recommend Ramblers highly enough. Thanks to Darren.
Brodie Duncalf – Absolutely awesome experience.
Jason White – Rock’n’…Roll.  Best experience of my life.

I have been to Toogoolawah for 3 tandem jumps so far. I am trying to make it a yearly event. I love the atmosphere out there in the bush, with the kangaroos around.


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