Ramblers Star Crest Day (16 Dec. 2017)

Friday, January 5, 2018

That was the first formal star crest day at Ramblers for a few months.  We had eight ASC applicants and two who wanted to practice for the star crest jumps. Of those, six and one respectively were able to jump, and four achieved their star crest on the day – congratulations to James Prior, Susann Guettler, Jordan Hale and Josh Arndt.  Please congratulate them if you see them at the DZ.

The weather held off and the two groups had some great jumps.  Some of the star crest jump groups were able to turn points, in one case three points – fantastic job, everyone. A highlight was that some of the new ASC holders had the chance to jump in the 26 way formation load at the end of the day!

Next star crest Day on Saturday 13 January.


Star Crest

Earning your ‘Star Crest’ allows you to skydive with groups of 10 or more people. Learn more about earning your Star Crest and performing well on larger flatfly formations in the APF guide below:

APF Operational Regulation

4.4.2 Australian Star Crest (ASC)

Applicants for an ASC must: (a) Hold or be eligible to hold an APF Certificate ‘B’; and (b) Have entered fifth or later in at least three (3) separate, successful flatfly RW descents involving eight (8) parachutists or more; and (c) Have each formation witnessed by two ASC holders or two APF Formation Skydiving Judges; and (d) Have a Chief Instructor’s verification that the applicant is safe and competent to participate in relative work involving more than ten (10) parachutists Note: see regulation 11.1.3 regarding RW with more than ten (10) people


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Such a good experience, they made it feel like coffee with an old friend!

Abigael Ellen

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