Students Action @ Toogs DZ (July 2018)

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Ready, Set, Skydive! Woohoo that’s what we like to see! Fly free. Feel the air, check that alti, turn left, turn right, land your canopy, and go back up for more. 360s, stop turning, chin up! Backloop and recover, track away, deploy. AFF Stage 9 Hop ’n’ Pop, and you are DONE! Bravo. Welcome to the skies.

Congratulations to all our new skydivers of July: Angus, Anthony, Cory, Jamie J, Jamie W, Jeff, Josh, Julian, Lorenzo, Peter, Sarah, Skye.

Music: Floating Bridges – Like to see

Thanks to all the instructors and to Adrian Seemann for another groovy video compilation.

I'm a new jumper and it was heaven on earth for me! 
You always get to $14000 feet and you are surrounded by fun jumpers with crazy skill keen to teach. 
If you haven't been go!! To say I love it is an understatement. I'll be back very soon!!

Ande Rogers

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