Student Action @ Toogs DZ (January 2018)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Walk to the aircraft, see the prop spin, get on board, ride to height, ready set go – exit!! Feel the wind, arch and relax, check your alti, your instructor is right there with you, giving you signs. You get better and better, track, deploy, land and do it all again. Fly by yourself fist time, left turn, right turn, front loop, back loop, stabilise and scream yahoo! You’ve got this, you were born to fly! Stage 9 Hop ’n’ Pop, the world is yours, the clouds look awesome the sky is the limit. Welcome to the world of skydiving!

Congratulations to our new skydivers: Brodie, Ben, Cory, Dion, Greg, Harley, Heath, Jake, Jason, Jeff, Keith, Kun Min, Lindsay, Luke, Nathan, Paul, Rob, Sam and Stewart! Thanks to all the instructors!!! And a big shout out to Adrian Seemann for another beautiful edit!

Music: The On fires – Nobody Wants; and Diva Demolition – Energy

Ramblers is a great club and a great drop zone. It was 39 years ago and it is now. I have just gone through the photos of my tandem jump with Darren and relived the whole exhilarating experience again - even my husband was impressed. Congratulations to Dave McEvoy for such a fantastic venue.

Robin Armstrong

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