Skydive Ramblers e-News #433 (5-11 Oct. 2020)

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Completed AFF:

⭐️ Conor Hayes 🎉
⭐️ Matthew Phillips 🎉
⭐️ April Hardy 🎉
⭐️ Jason Schmidt 🎉

Monday 5th – Long weekend and we had lots of Tandems today – Beth Marsh, Adam Russell, Samuel Kandathiparambi, Maddison Bell, Emily Thompson and Aaron Colton.

Student Dan Anderson did Stage 2 of his AFF Course.  Kylie McShane, Kahu Pickering, Michael Jack, and Guilherme Rodigues Pinto did Stages 2 & 3 of their AFF Courses.  Conor Hayes and Matthew Phillips did Stages 8 & 9 of their AFF Course and April Hardy did Stage 9 – all completing their AFF!

Dan delta AFF Stage 2 with Ben
Kylie AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Sara
Kahu AFF Stage 3 – Photo JohnH
Jack AFF Stage 3 – Photo OliM
Guilherme AFF Stage 3 – Photo Sara
Conor AFF Stage 8 track
Conor AFF Stage 9
Matt recurrency jump
Matt AFF Stage 8 – Photos by JohnH
April AFF Stage 9

Tuesday 6th – Student Dan Anderson did Stages 3. 4 & 5 of his AFF CourseKylie McShane and Kahu Pickering did Stage 4.

Dan AFF Stage 3
Dan AFF Stage 4 – Photos by Sara

Wednesday  7th – The Tandem today was Marie Stanley.

Thursday 8th – Student Jason Schmidt did Stage 9 – completing his AFF.

Friday 9th  –  NO Student LOADS.

Brendan Hunter exitting
Brendan and Toddy
Zea and Brendan – Photos by Victor

Saturday 10thTandems today were William Burkett, Jeremy Rebion, Thomas Fredericks, Stephen Bradley, Rebecca Glennie, Cameron Reilly and Kailah Gerkew.

New students Travis McCartin, and Trevor Weis did Stage 1 of their AFF Courses, Gabriel Gorza did Stages 1, 2 & 3 and Xi Jin did Stage 3 of their AFF Courses.

Tandem with Tibor – Photo Tibor
Gabriel AFF Stage 2
Gabriel AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Fisch
Matt B-Rel 1 – Photo Fisch
Xi AFF Stage 3 – Photo JohnH

Sunday 11thTandems today were Abigayl Schulz, Adam Kerr, Farhad Nazari, Khodadad Ali, Tahir Fayazi, Nareed Hassanzada, Shirley Boyd, Mark O’Donoghue and Michelle O’Donohue.

Student Trevor Weis did Stage 2 of his AFF Course, Travis McCartin did Stages 2 & 3, Gabriel Gorza & Guilherme Rodiques Pinto did Stages 4 & 5, and Janarri Price did Stage 8 of their AFF Courses.

Tahir Tandem – Photos by Ty
Shirley Tandem – Photo Andy
Gabriel AFF Stage 4
Gabriel AFF Stage 5 – Photos by OliM
Gabriel refresher jump – Photo Sara
Guilherme AFF Stage 4
Guilherme AFF Stage 5 – Photos by OliM

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Upcoming events (to be confirmed…)


THE 2020 EQUINOX BOOGIE HAS BEEN POSTPONED TO THE 17th – 24th APRIL 2021. OFFICIAL. Event info: Equinox Boogie 2021 – Skydiving & Music Festival

Heads up jumpers, NOX LITE event registration is now open (from the Monday 26th to Saturday 31st October, 2020). Covid 19 restrictions will apply!

There will be several ‘outside’ experienced coaches here and, along with the Ramblers instructional staff there will be several lay coaches here as well. Jump prices will remain as is. However there will be no Free Slots. All coach jump slots will need to be covered, either on a personal basis with your coach or by purchasing a DZ Coach Ticket.

🎶 The Amanda Emblem Experiment is playing on Saturday night, 31st October! 🎉

The facilities and equipment are amazing. Pool, bar, plenty of wildlife and the location is just fantastic. The staff are professional, friendly and very welcoming. The local regular jumpers are extremely helpful too so have a chat, ask questions and get involved. Enjoy.


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