Robson “Paduan” Silva – Reflections of Skydiving

Monday, August 31, 2020

Licence: E-Certificate

APF Ratings: Tandem Master; Coach and Packer B. 

USPA Ratings: AFF Instructor and Coach

Jumps: 850+, started in 2002 (Brazil)

Ramblers staff member since June 2020

Skydive Reflections (Interview Sept. 2020)

1. What was the main motivation for you deciding to Skydive?

Since I was a kid I felt in love for extreme and adventure sports such as skateboard, enduro mountain bike, and when I was 11 years old I was involved in a group for ornamental jumps into a pool. I was just a small kid so the 10 meters high trampoline felt a lot higher for me. My coach was a former Brazilian’s army skydiver, one day he put a parachute on me so I jumped from the trampoline into the pool with it. After this day I began to dream of skydiving for real. Years later, in 2002, I met a few skydivers and with them I did my first static line jump. Was horrible, I could swear I was going to die because I was above a city with lots of buildings around and I couldn’t see the dropzone until my instructor said on the radio I was exactly above him. I think at that exactly time I felt in love for the sport, after I landed for the first time I understood fear is just one factor along many others and can be used in favor of and not against.

2. Can you describe your major highlights or achievements?

I love this sport because all achievements are challenging and when you celebrate something new there is always something else to go after. It is hard to choose something after 18 years in the sport, but without doubt, filming my mom’s tandem jump in hers 65 years old birthday was one of the most memorable days, and of course, becoming a Tandem Instructor in a different country, with a different language is being my best achievement in the sport and I am really happy with this challenge and with everything I have learned here at Ramblers.

3. How important is Skydiving in your life?

It is almost impossible to measure something that goes beyond any stereotype of love. I am really grateful for doing lots of different things during my life and the best of them was due skydive. Skydive is my job, my hobby, my passion, it is what keeps me 100% in the present. It is really hard, we are always going after something in the future to be happy and in the skydive, this connection with the present is natural and this is something amazing.

4. Did Skydiving help you in your work life before you went full time Skydiving?

100%. After I started skydiving lots of things on my life changed for the better. My choices were more assertive, and my decisions were faster and precise, mostly within my work. I had a career with more than 15 years as communication for business in large companies back in Brazil before I decided to leave everything behind and live as a professional skydiver. I used to like my job, of course, but every day seemed like a “Mal Function”, high level of stress. Skydiving was helping me to perform better and handle different situations and, mostly, because I knew the weekend was almost there and everything would be better sharing the sky with friends. Now every day feels like a weekend for me.

5. Is there a strategy / plan – to get you to your best focused state before you go Skydiving?

Skydive is a risk sport and requires a lot from the body and the mind. I do some yoga, breathing and mediation sessions every morning before starting my day. I watch what I eat and try to keep myself healthy. That help me a lot to watch every detail that this sport requires, and, absolutely, this habits will help me to perform it for many and many years.

6. Can you tell us what inspires you?

The power of “Today” and happiness are my guides. I came from a family of Italian expats, they migrated to Brazil to run away from the WW2. My grandparents and my parents always worked hard to do everything they did, even with all the challenges, happiness and celebrations were part of our routines. I learned from my ancestors to go after my dreams and celebrate everyday each stage, each achievement. Being part of the Ramblers crew is the result of my inspirations and in some way to honor my history and keep moving forward.

7. Has being an Instructor changed you?

I decided I wanted to be a skydiver instructor a long time ago and I decided to work on this goal every time was in a Dropzone, watching the instructors I admired, paying attention to each detail. This change happened step by step along with my experience. Now I became an instructor and I can see that this learning process was important and how important is to be responsible in this position. I feel like a parent who wants to see the biggest smile in their kids and at the same time wants to look after them so they can be safe and protected.

8. Can you give newer Skydivers thinking of becoming Instructors some advice / hints?

First of all they need to love skydive, the sport and people. Being an instructor is do what you love thinking more on the next than himself, understand people and all their difference, and mostly, respecting those differences. I am used to spend part of the instruction time to show how skydive works in the background. It is not just about practicing the sport and learn how to fly your body, but the environment itself, the bonds you create with other skydivers and with the dropzone. In my opinion, being an instructor is not just about being a good skydiver, but being a good human being.

9. Can you tell us what inspires you?

I grew up watching my father trying to help people everytime. Many times he used to spend more time helping other people than with my family. This taught me to admire everyone who dedicate its time to help the next person in different ways. Being an instructor, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful ways of helping people and this inspires me every day.

10. Besides being an instructor what do you like most about skydiving?

Freefly for sure. I love freefly and dynamic fly. I remember I was getting a bit bored with skydive a few years ago until one day I watched a video of some skydivers flying angle in Europe and I really liked seeing that. Following next, with the better and compatibles cameras being released, more and more videos were made available and the freefly started to become more dynamic, this kind of renewed my love for skydive and kept me motivated to train even more. I still have a lot to learn and improve and it keeps me more in love with the art of flying the body.

The most inspirational Drop Zone on the Planet bar none... Peace n Love

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