Rambling On ⭐️ Drop Zone Action e-News #584 (30 Oct. – 5 Nov. 2023)

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Soaring to New Heights: Skydiving Drop Zone Adventures

Dear Skydiving Enthusiasts,
Welcome back to our thrilling skydiving adventure blog! As the hot summer season kicks in, we’re ready to take you on an adrenaline-pumping journey through the skies and share some incredible stories, tips, and updates from the world of drop zone action. Get ready to dive into a world of excitement and awe-inspiring experiences that will leave you wanting to take the leap yourself. Buckle up (or should we say “strap in your parachute”) as we embark on another exhilarating newsletter!

Achievements & Milestones – Congratulations!

⭐️ Jaega B. – Mastered AFF Course

⭐️ Todd D. – Earned the AFF Rating

⭐️ Dawn O. –  400th jump

⭐️ Michael Y. – 600th jump

Drop Zone Chronicles: Week of Thrills

Monday: High-Flying Beginnings

Monday kicked off with a bang! 31 adventurous souls gathered, our fun jumpers were eager to seize the skies, doing 8 loads. Tandem duo Yushi S. (with mesmerizing freefall photos) and Ei S. set the tone.

A new star in the making, Hing Hang Tsang, better known as Henry, embarked on his AFF journey with a courageous Stage 1. But the real hero of the day was Jaega B., who conquered Stages 8 and 9, marking the end of his exhilarating AFF course. Bravo, Jaega!

Eva M. added to the thrill with a Coach / B-Rel jump.

Yoshi tandem freefall – photo Alex
Henry TAFF Stage 1 – photo OliM
Jaega AFF Stage 8 – photo Bibi
Tuesday: Flocking Fun

Tuesday saw a smaller group, with 13 fun jumpers flocking together for one unforgettable load. The winds were blowing.

Wednesday: Taking Flight

Midweek brought more adventure, with 3 thrilling loads and 16 fun-loving jumpers. Henry continued his AFF saga, this time conquering Stage 2 with style.

Henry ready for AFF Stage 2 – photo Sara
Henry AFF Stage 2 – photo Bibi
Henry landing AFF Stage 2 – photo Bibi
Thursday: Upward Bound

The momentum carried into Thursday, with 3 more breathtaking loads and 11 enthusiastic fun jumpers. Fresh AFF student Ben W. took the plunge with his first TAFF Stage 1. Henry, an inspiration to us all, gracefully completed Stage 3.

Henry AFF Stage 3 – photos by Bibi
Friday: The Sky Beckons

Friday greeted us with 15 spirited fun jumpers and 2 heart-pounding loads. Our Tandem superstar was Emily F., captured beautifully under the canopy. Hing Hang Tsang, Henry’s official name, went on to ace AFF Stages 4 and 5, while Jared W. wowed us with not one, but two Coach / B-Rel jumps.

Emily tandem canopy – photo Adrian
Henry AFF Stage 4 – photo Bibi
Henry AFF Stage 5 – photo OliM
Jared B-Rel 1 – photo Bibi
Saturday: A Spectacular Show

Saturday was nothing short of spectacular. An impressive 65 thrill-seeking fun jumpers descended upon the drop zone, and 19 magnificent loads took flight.

Our Tandems included Pauline D., Jaime B., Lauren G., Dean K., Holly K., Bonnie L., Stuart McW., Heidi R., and Katrina S., who had the pleasure of experiencing our fearless jumpers.

New AFF students, Jacinta F. and Lin K-H., also known as Timmy, kicked off their journey with a thrilling TAFF Stage 1. Henry continued to prove himself with stages 5 and 6, and Jason B., never one to shy away from adventure, tackled Stages 7 and 8.

Rafael f. made a triumphant return with a Coach / B-Rel recurrency jump. And Chris Dodds organised the November Belly Bash event, which is always lots of fun and a great learning curve for all involved.

Pauline tandem – photo OliM
Lauren tandem – photo Adrian
Dean tandem – photo Adrian
Bonnie tandem – photo Adrian
Heidi tandem – photo Adrian
Kat tandem – photo Adrian
Reece, Oli M and Timmy First Jump Course – photo by Bill c.
Timmy TAFF Stage 1 – photo Sara
Henry AFF Stage 5 – photo Sara
Henry AFF Stage 6 – photo Sara
Jason AFF Stage 7 – photo Bibi
Adrian with Jacinta for her First Jump Course – photo by Bill C.
Rafael recurrency jump – photo Bibi

November’s Belly Bash

“After a month off due to travel, BellyBash returned with a vengeance on Saturday! With only a week to go before the QLD State Championships, some of the 4-way blast competitors were keen to refine their 4-way skills – whilst the rest of us got stuck into some larger BellyBash shenanigans!

We had a double whammy milestone jump where we celebrated BellyBash’s own Dawn’s 400th jump and Michael’s 600th jump! What better way to celebrate than with a hoop jump? It was a hilarious celebration and to say it was mixed success is an understatement!

Thank you to everyone who came out and made it such an awesome day! And as ever, thanks to our camera dudes Michael and Cambo, and our generous sponsors, Skydive Ramblers, TSC, SQPC, APF and Mee Loft – who make these events possible!

Attendees: Chris D & Dawn A., Michael Y., Jason C., Sherry B., Aaron R., Adrian B., Steve B., Jeff J., Glen K., Martin K., Chase A., Jamie J., Guy G., Q H., Shai L., Gabriel N., and Greg W.

All photos by Michael Young.”

Chris Dodds.

Belly Bash – photo by Michael Young
Belly Bash – photo by Michael Young
Dawn’s 400th and Michael’s 600th – Milestones Hoop Jump – photo by Michael Young
Dawn’s 400th and Michael’s 600th – Milestones Hoop Jump – photo by Michael Young

Sunday: Grand Finale

The weekend was wrapped up with 27 spirited fun jumpers taking to the skies, resulting in 14 epic loads. Jacinta and Lin, our dynamic duo of AFF students, mastered Stages 2, 3, and 4, leaving us in awe. Henry‘s journey was nearing its end with Stages 6, 7, and 8, solidifying his place among the skydiving elite.

Jacinta AFF Stage 3 – photo Toddy
Timmy exit – photo Reece
Timmy AFF Stage 3 – photo Bibi
Henry AFF Stage 7 – photo Sara

Stay tuned for more adrenaline-fueled stories and triumphs in the world of drop zone action. Until next week, keep soaring, adventurers!

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

🌟 Jaime B. – Oli is da best.  Thanks legends

🌟 Lauren G. – Thank you Adrian + Oli!  Reece got amazing camera footage.


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