Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #515 (13-19 June 2022)

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Don B – Completed AFF
Jade C – Completed AFF
Kye R – Completed AFF
Scott R – Completed AFF
Mikey – A-Certificate

Lachlan J – First wingsuit
Adrian C – B-Rels and 50 Jumps
Cambo – 200th Jump
Kylie D – 400th Jump

Monday 13th June – June Learning Curve Camp has come around again, sixteen skydivers were ready to go and the weather was perfect! Congratulations  Don B who did Stages 8 & 9 – completing his AFF Course. We did 6 loads altogether with 30 jumpers here and 15 B-Rel Coach jumps done by Glenn M, Nicolas D, Dylan S, Aaron G, Craig C & Adrian C. As per usual Harvey Hutchinson videoed the landings and the nightly debrief was off to a good start.

Aaron B-Rel 1 – photo Bibi
Glenn B-Rel 1
Glenn B-Rel 4 – photos by Adrian
Nicolas B-Rel 2
Nicolas B-Rel 4 – photos by OliM
Savannah B-Rel 2
Savannah B-Rel 4 – photos by Sara
Adrian B-Rel 6.2

On Tuesday the weather was still perfect. We did 7 loads today and 24 people did them, including Wade Y-T did Stages 3 & 4 of his AFF Course. Tish organised some successful Star Crest loads. People were getting organised and getting their jumps done. And about midday some big machines arrived and  started digging the swoop pond hole! Yahoo!

Wade AFF Stage 3 – doing great
Rhys B-Rel Stage 2
Rhys B-Rel Stage 4 – photos by Adrian
Aaron B-Rel Stage 4 – photo Bibi
Dylan B-Rel Stage 4 – photo OliM

Swoop Pond prep!

Adrian excited about the new Swoop pond getting dug out – photos by Skydive Ramblers

Wednesday started with fog all morning. When the fog lifted, about midday, 24 Learning Curve Campers got stuck into it and 4 loads were done. More Star Crests and some B-Rels were successfully achieved. And Jade C did Stage 9 – completing her AFF Course. Congratulations Jade!

Cye B-Rel Stage 4
Dylan B-Rel Stage 5 – photos by Bibi
Emma B-Rel Stage 5 – photo Adam

On Thursday  it was another foggy start to the day. But when it lifted. Sara’s Canopy Course was  underway. 9 loads were done and 41 jumpers did them including Dylan S, Luke I, Mark M, Savannah N and Kahl S who all did some B-Rel Coach jumps.

And the Swoop Pond hole was completed. Now we have to fill up the hole with water!

Luke B-Rel Stage 1 – photo OliM
Savannah B-Rel Stage 5 with Kyleigh – photo Adrian
Ben, Tom, Brandon, Michael, Jay, Lee, & Pat – Canopy Course 16-17th June – photo Sara
Ben exit – canopy course – photo Bibi
Ben – canopy course – photo Sara
Brandon exit – canopy course – photo Bibi
Brandon – canopy course – photo Sara
Jay – canopy course – photo Sara
Pat exit – canopy course – photo Bibi
Patrick – canopy course – photo Sara
Tom landing – canopy course
Tom – canopy course – photos by Sara
Michael exit – canopy course – photo Bibi
Michael – canopy course – photo Sara
Kahl exit – canopy course
Lee exit – canopy course – photos by Bibi
Lee not happy – canopy course

Friday was special. It was the last day of the Learning Curve Camp and the weather was back to perfect. More people arrived. There were 54 jumpers here and 11 loads done including one load of night jumps with 3 Tandems and six fun jumpers on board. Nick W, Natalie W and Dylan L did the night Tandems. Travis B did Stages 6, 7 & 8, and Kye R did Stages 8 & 9 – completing his AFF Course, another Congratulations!  Luke I and Cye K did B-Rel Coach jumps. Cheers to Harvey for all the landing videos.

Natalie and Nick – night tandem
Dylan night tandem – photos by Sara
Travis AFF Stage 7
Luke B-Rel Stage 4 – photos by OliM
Ben exit 2 – canopy course – photo Cambo
Ben flying – canopy course
Kahl flying – canopy course
Lee flying – canopy course
Lee canopy course – photos by Sara
Brandon exit 2 – canopy course
Michael exit 2 – canopy course – photos by Cambo
Michael flying – canopy course
Pat canopy course – photos by Sara
Pat exit 2 – canopy course – photo Cambo
Pat flying canopy course – photos Sara
Tom exit 2 – canopy course – photo Cambo

Canopy Course landings – photos by Skydive Ramblers

Saturday was another beauty although the winds were a bit strong for our students in the middle of the day. We did 14 loads altogether with 77 jumpers here. Tandems for today were Shane B and Georgia S.

Lots of students did get stuck into it. Jesse McJ did Stage 2, Daniel K did Stages 2 & 3, Harley P did Stage 3, Kennedy N did Stages 4 & 5, Adam W did Stages 5, 6 & 7, Sitjian L (Sid) did Stage 6, Nanci Danielle (Danni) G did Stage 7, and Matthew K did Stage 8 of his AFF Course.  It was Tish’s birthday and Saturday night was party night!

Dan ready to go on AFF Stage 2
Dan AFF Stage 3
Kennedy AFF Stage 4 – photos by Sara
Kennedy AFF Stage 5 – flying by herself for the first time
Adam AFF Stage 5 – flying by himself for the first time – photos by Adrian
Adam AFF Stage 6 – doing some turns
Adam AFF Stage 7 – tracking for days – photos by Adrian
Sid ready for AFF Stage 6
Sid AFF Stage 6 exit – photos by Sara
Danni AFF Stage 6 – photo OliM
Matt AFF Stage 8 – tracking for days – photo Adrian

Sunday was beautiful weather again, but it was a bit slower to get started. Our students were keen. Jesse McJ did Stages 3, 4 & 5, Daniel K did Stages 4, 5 & 6, Yash K did Stages 5, 6 & 7, and Nanci Danielle G did Stage 8, and Scott R did his Stage 9 – completing his AFF Course. Congratulations Scott!   Intermediates Benjamin L and Chloe N did B-Rel Coach jumps. We did eight loads altogether with 54 jumpers here. What a week!

Jesse AFF Stage 3 – photo Rangry
Jesse AFF Stage 4 – checking his alti
Daniel AFF Stage 6 – doing great – photos by Adrian
Yash AFF Stage 5
Yash AFF Stage 7
Danni AFF Stage 8  – photos by OliM
Scott AFF Stage 9 – photo Adrian
Ben B-Rel Stage 6 – photo Bibi

TSC Star Crests

TSC Star Crests – photos courtesy of the Toogoolawah Skydivers Club. (Photographer: Shaunn Segon.)

“Thanks to Southeast Queensland Parachute Council for another successful weekend of Starcrests at Skydive Ramblers. Congratulations to Lee Huang and Adam Harmey for completing their crests and to Achraf Dreif and Matteo Pelonzi for partial completions!! And big hugs and appreciation for all jumpers who contributed one or more jumps to help our up and coming skydivers!

Look out for the upcoming starcrests 16 July x”
Emily Hatfield.

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

 Benjamin D. (Facebook post re: Sara‘s Canopy Course): “This course was a solid 10/10, thanks Sara and everyone! I learned so much!!!”


DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

Visit our Ramblers history webpage for more info…

18th Feb. 1984 – Toogoolawah 4-way base for 10 way from 11,000′ out of Islander IGT — Maggie Woolgoose in red jumpsuit on left, John Meara facing camera, Chook Fowler closest to camera, Jon Kent on right. Others on the jump were Chris Lee, Peter Nobbs, Spero Agnew, Alison Stacey, Mike Timon, and Mike Oulten (photographer). Photo courtesy of John Meara.


We spent eight days at Skydive Ramblers and had great time. Awesome DZ, awesome friendly staff, great airplane and facilities. Accommodation on premises was great and very reasonably priced. We also enjoyed after jumping socialising at the bar on DZ and great food both at DZ and in nearby Toogoolawah town. Skydive Ramblers are wingsuit friendly and there is plenty of landing space around DZ.
Highlight of our trip was incredible kangaroo action at landing area - we did literally land on kangaroos and it was great fun :-) There are also wild koalas in the area.

Alexander Safonov

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