Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #512 (16-29 May 2022)

Thursday, June 2, 2022

 Tom – Completed AFF
 Adrian – Completed AFF
 Benjamin – Completed AFF

 Brandon – B-Certificate

 Sam – C-Certifcate
 Colin – First jump in 40 years
 Isaac – 100th jump
 Max – 1 year skydiving
 Adrian – First 182 Jump
 Toby – 500th Jump

Monday 16th May – Here we are back jumping again. Today for the Learn to Skydive Course was Tom and Ron. Dave returned for a refresher jump. Emily And Jayden returned to better weather and completed TAF 1.

Tandems for today were Christina, LiMin and Mindy.

Christina Tandem – Photo Sara
Emily TAF 1 – photo Jayden
Jayden TAF1 learning to fly – photo Sara
Mindi Tandem – photo Jayden

Tuesday – Another day of skydiving. Tom completed Stages 2, 3, & 4. Luke returned and worked on accuracy jumps. Emily competed Stages 3 & 4.

Emily AFF3 – photo Sara
Emily AFF4 doing great – photo Sara
Tom AFF2 delta – photo Jayden
Tom AFF3 – photo Jayden

Wednesday – New student for the Learn to Skydive Course was Colin – he completed his jump that afternoon. Emily smashed out Stages 5, 6 & 7. Tom completed Stage 4. Brandon worked on his B-Rel 6.

Brandon B-Rel 6.2 – photo Bibi
Brandon B-Rel 6.3 – photo Bibi
Emily AFF7 backflips – photo Sara
Emily flying by herself AFF5 – photo Sara
Emily ready for AFF6 exit – photo Sara
Kenneth sunset angle – photo Sab
Tom AFF4 – photo Jayden

Thursday – Jodie and Tom both did their AFF Stage 8.

Jodie tracking AFF8 – photo Jayden
Tom slow fall AFF8 – photo Jayden

No jumps happened on Friday.

Saturday – New students for today were Kennedy, Yash and Jesse. The weather wasn’t not on our side today. No jumps today. The ducks were happy.

Sunday – No jumps today. The rain kept falling.

Monday 23rd May –  The weather was almost good but not. Today the clouds were not giving us a break. We had 3 new students in the classroom today – Andrew, Ben and Cye. The students will jump tomorrow.

Tuesday –  YAY finally there was no rain, no clouds and no wind…Perfect conditions. Andrew, Ben and Cye all got there TAF1 jumps in. After that all 3 boys completed AFF Stages 2 & 3.

Andrew TAFF1 – photo OliM
Ben AFF3 – photo Sara
Ben after his first solo landing – photo Sara
Ben doing great on AFF3 – photo Sara
Ben Ready for AFF2 – photo Sara
Cye AFF3 doing awesome – photo Sara

Wednesday – Todays new students for the classroom were Watena and Jay, both boys competed TAF1 in the afternoon. On going students were Ben and Cye both completing Stages 4, 5 & 6. Andrew completed Stage 4. Emily returned and completed Stages 8 & 9  finishing her AFF Course – congratulations.

Tandem for the day was Brian who came to do his 3rd Tandem with us, also Tim joined in for a Tandem also.

Ben AFF4 – photo Sara
Ben AFF5 – photo Sara
Ben AFF6 “ARCH!” – photo Sara
Bryan going for another Tandem – photo Sara
Jay TAFF1 exit – photo OliM
Tim in Tandem – photo Sara
Wa TAF1 checking his alti – photo Adrian

Thursday –  Another Learn to Skydive Course was run today with 3 new students – Tom, Michael & Harley all the completed there TAF1 jumps that afternoon.

Tandems for the day were Jesse, Max and Annabelle all 3 enjoyed there skydive.

Andrew was back again and completed Stages 5, 6, & 7. Ben & Cye competed Stages 7, 8 & 9. Nick returned to the skies for Stage 7. Jay completed Stages 2 & 3 whilst Watena did Stage 2.

Andrew AFF7 – photo Jayden
Andrew AFF5 first time flying by himself – photo Adrian
Annabelle in Tandem – photo Ty
Ben AFF8 checking his alti – photo Adrian
Cye AFF8 delta – photo Jayden
Harley TAFF – photo OliM
Jay AFF3 – photo Andrew
Jesse loving his tandem – stay tuned for the full interview – photo Sara
Max Tandem – photo OliM
TV Tandem Jesse – photo OliM
Wa AFF2 – photo by Skydive Ramblers

Friday – Another beautiful day in paradise. Tom, Michael, & Harley completed Stages 2, 3, & 4 today. Ben & Cye worked towards there accuracy jumps. Don returned for Stages 5, 6 & 7 and Jodie finished her Stage 9 completing her AFF course – congratulations.

Tandems for the day were Natalie, Jaidyn & Taj all had a great time. Michael returned and did a B-Rel jump.

Adrian AFF8 – photo Jayden
Anabel tandem freefall – photo Adrian
Don AFF5 first time flying by himself – photo Adrian
Don AFF6 doing some turns – photo Adrian
Don AFF7 backflips for days – photo Adrian
Harley AFF4 – photo Andrew
Harley, Tom, and Michael – photo Sara
Kye TAFF – photo Andrew
Michael AFF3 – Photo Adrian
Michael B-Rel2 – photo OliM
Natalie Tandem – photo OliM
Tom AFF3 doing great – photo Sara
Tom AFF4 awesome jump – photo Sara
Tom ready for AFF2 – photo Sara
Rob running a packing course – Photo by Skydive Ramblers

Saturday –  WOW what a super busy day it was, the caravan did not stop all day. Student for the Learn to Skydive Course today were Adam, Kye, Daniel & Thiago. Joel returned to the skies after a refresher course.

Tandem for the day were Scott, Jane, Ben, Dylan, Jeffrey, Richard, Jennifer & Kalista –  they all had a great time.

Today was a very busy day for students – Sid, Matt & Yash finally got the TAF1 jumps in. Harley returned for Stage 2, Tom, Michael and Harley got Stages 5, 6 & 7 in. Ryan completed Stage 6. Jayden ran a Start Crest which competed susccesfully. Sam got his last B-Rel jump done – congrats.

ALSO Isaac did a  “No undie Hundy” for his 100th jump – congrats and brave man for jumping in -5 degrees temperatures.

The TSC ran Star Crests and Michael Smart ran the “Wingsuiting Coaching weekend with Woody”.

Ash coaching jump – photo Andrew
Emma B-Rel1 – photo Adrian
Emma B-Rel2 – photo Adrian
Harley AFF6 deployment – photo by Skydive Ramblers
Harley AFF7 awesome exit – photo Andrew
Jye Refresher – photo OliM
Michael AFF4 – photo Chris Dodds
Michael AFF5 – photo OliM
Michael smashing his AFF4 – photo Chris
Ryan AFF6 – photo Adrian
Sam Last B-Rel and Isaac 100th – Photo Jayden
Scott Tandem – photo OliM
Starcrest exit – photo Allan
Tommy AFF5 – photo Weaver
Tommy backflip on AFF 7 – photo Weaver
Yash TAFF 1 – photo Rangry
Jenny tandem – photo TY

Sunday –  The good weather finally stopped and the westerly winds picked up. We did manage to get some students jumping before the winds started. Adam and Yash got TAF1 in. Tom completed Stage 6, Michael Stage 5 and Kennedy got AFF2 in. Helen competed Stage 7.

Tandem for today was Reece – congrats on your skydive!

Adam TAFF1 – photo Rangry
Helen AFF7 – photo OliM
Kennedy AFF2 Delta – photo Jayden
Tommy all smiles on AFF6 – photo Weaver
Yash TAF2 doing practice touches – photo Adrian
Michael AFF5 – photo Adrian

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

 16th May – Christina: “Woohoo!!! SKYDIVE”

 16th May – Jamie: “Really an eye-opening experience. It is a lovely memory for me. Thank you, Skydive Ramblers.”

 26TH MAY – Annabelle: “Can’t event try to describe it. Had a wild ride – one of the best experiences of my life hands down. Thanks Andrew for taking such good care, cheers.”

 26TH MAY – Max: “Gosh! What a privilege to meet the sky up close! Awesome experience already looking forward to the next one. Thanks so much to the warm and friendly Ramblers Team.”


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