Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #490 (15-21 November 2021)

Monday, November 22, 2021

 Jake Masters – Completed AFF
 Zayne Stoner – Completed AFF
 Luke Franklin – Completed AFF

 Mark Minter – Finished B-Rels
 Max Ambrose – Star Crest

 Jason Cambieras – 100th Jump
 Yesid L Garcia – 500th Jump
 Susann Guettler – 800th Jump
 Wayne McLachlan – 19,000th Jump

Monday 15th November. Start of Learning Curve Camp week and a good roll up of jumpers were here. Plus our Tandems were Anne-Maree and Benjamin Facy.

Student Adrian Chacon did Stage 3 of his AFF Course. The weather could have been better.

Ben tandem freefall – Photo Adrian
Adrian AFF stage 3 – flying like a boss – Photo Sara
Mateo – B-Rel 9.1 – Photo JohnH

Tuesday – Student Matthew Pugin did Stage 2 TAFF, Patrick Rynan did Stages 2 & 3, and Gintare Mulluole did Stages 3, 4 & 5 of their AFF Courses.

Nicolas Love did some B-Rel jumps.

Pat AFF Stage 3 – flying well – Photo Adrian
Ginta AFF Stage 3
Ginta AFF Stage 4 – doing great
Ginta AFF Stage 5 – flying by herself – Photos by Sara

On Wednesday  Mitchell Kuhne did Stages 3, 4 & 5 of his AFF Course. Students and lesser experienced jumpers were restricted by the weather.

Mitch AFF Stage 4 – doing great – Photo by Sara

Our Tandems Thursday were Eryn Schemioneck and Pui Man Lai. The weather picked up and Sara ran her Canopy Course.

Eryn tandem exit – Photo Adrian
Pui Man tandem freefall – Photo OliM
Chanel, Nick, Madson, Max, Cambo, Charlie, Owen, Jay – Canopy Course
Chanel, Jay, Nick, Cambo, Charlie, Max, Madson, Owen – Canopy Course – Photos by Sara
Charlie canopy course – Photo Jayden
Madson canopy course
Nick canopy course
Owen canopy course – Photos by Robin
Cambo landing like a boss
Cambo returning from canopy course jump
Charlie canopy course
Charlie and Owen canopy course
Max landing on canopy course
Max returning from canopy course – Photos by Sara

More Tandems on FridayRandall Hartley and Benjamin Riley took to the skies.

The Learning Curve Camp was overall successful. Harvey‘s landing videos were well received. The seminars were good and made up for some of the not so good weather.

Nelson B-Rel 6.1
Nelson B-Rel 6.2 turning blocks – Photos by JohnH
Cambo canopy course
Cambo canopy course
Charlie canopy course
Owen canopy course – Photos by Jayden
Jay canopy course – Photo Robin

Saturday arrived and so did perfect weather. Lots of Fun Jumpers arrived. Mossy and Jayden ran some Star Crest loads…

Our Tandems today, Emily Kreuger, Coby Watson, Benjamin Watson, Tristan Giblin and Patricia Short all got their “knees in the breeze”.

Plus Nicolas Dijoux, Jamie Hawkins, Connor McCornish, Corey Rickit and Luke Munroe all started their skydiving training ad did Stage 1 of their AFF Courses. Other students returned. Crystal Woodham did Stages 2 & 3, Simone Phelps & Kristen Shevak did Stage 3, Luis Marin did Stages 3, 4 & 5. Jake Masters & Zayne Stoner did Stage 9 – completing their AFF Courses. Congratulations! Both Cessna Caravans were needed and the C182 was kept busy. It was a terrific day of skydiving. The Saturday night party was good too.

Emily tandem freefall – Photo OliM
Coby 1 tandem – Happy 14th Birthday – Photo Sara
Ben tandem exit
Tristan tandem freefall – Photos by Adrian
Patricia tandem – Photo MarkS
Nicolas TAFF – Photo JohnH
Jamie TAFF
Jamie TAFF – Photos by BenN
Corey TAFF
Crystal TAFF 2 – Photos by OliM
Crystal ready for AFF Stage 3
Crystal AFF Stage 3 loving it – Photos by Sara
Simone AFF stage 3 – doing some turns – Photo Adrian
Kristen ready for AFF Stage 3
Kristen AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Sara
Luis AFF Stage 3 – Photo MarkS
Luis doing some turns – Photo Adrian
Luis AFF Stage 5
Zayne AFF Stage 9 – Photos by JohnH
Jayden Star Crest exit
Mossy Star Crest – Photos by BenN

On Sunday the weather stayed good and e were David Bourke, Allan Gregory, David Sargent took to the skies for a Tandem. So did family members Pam, Claire, Timothy, Geoffrey and Chris Roberts.

Our new students from yesterday were back for more. Nicolas Dijoux & Jamie Hawkins did AFF Stages 2 & 3, and  Connor McCornish & Corey Rickit did AFF Stages 2, 3 & 4, Luke Franklin did Stage 9 – completing his AFF Course. Congratulations! And Jason Cambieras did his 100th Jump. Another Congratulations!

David tandem – Photo MarkS
Happy 60th Birthday Pam
Pam loving the jump – Photos by Sara
Nico AFF Stage 3 with Fisch and Weaver – Photo Skydive Ramblers
Jamie AFF Stage 2
Jamie AFF Stage 3 – Photos by BenN
Connor all Smiles for AFF Stage 2 – Photo Sara
Connor AFF Stage 3 – Photo JohnH
Connor AFF Stage 4 – flying great – Photo Sara
Gillian B-Rel 6 and Nelson – Photo Jayden

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

 Ben & Maree Facy: “Freaking Awesome experience.  Spectacular views and great staff.  Thanks Oli (sic) & Adrian

 Greg Allan: “Absolutely Amazing!!”

 Trish Short: “Fantastic experience, all staff are very friendly my instructor Mark was great and I’d highly recommend doing it😀”


DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

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1983-ish – Ramblers Cup – BiPlane into The Pit – Peter Nobbs and Geoff Holmes – Photo by John Meara

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Massive Drop Zone. Best place for training by far. Food and accommodation onsite for extended adventures!

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