Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #445 (28 Dec. 2020 – 3 Jan. 2021)

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

⭐️ Callum – Completed AFF
⭐️ Rhiannon  Osborne –  Completed AFF

⭐️ Mitch Cole – Certificate A
⭐️ Shane Jones – Finished B-Rels
⭐️ Benny Tafe – Certificate C
⭐️ Jag Wei – Certificate D
⭐️ Jayden – Certificate D

⭐️ Georgie J – 200th Jump
⭐️ John Hannan – 400 Jumps
⭐️ Coops – 600th
⭐️ OliM – 1000 Jumps

⭐️ Callum – New DZ
⭐️ Jayden – First Paid Jump
⭐️ Craig – First Canopy Course
⭐️ Minkley – New Gear
⭐️ Monigue – First Canopy Course & First Time in 182
⭐️ Todd Pickering – New Rig
⭐️ Matt Finlayson – 1st Rig
⭐️ Shane Jones – 1st Rig
⭐️ Coops –  New Rig
⭐️ Germany – Biggest ever flat jump!
⭐️ Guy – First pack job jumped

The Tandems Monday 28th were Noah Cory and Ally Inglis.

New students Benjamin Bland, Mikayla Newton, Blake Field and Kristine Perkins all did Stage 1 of their AFF CoursesTayla Gordon did Stage 4, and Rhiannon Osborne, Connor Rattray, and Kyle Mackie did Stages 4 & 5 of their AFF Courses. What a great start to the week! Lots of Fun Jumpers we here as well. It was a busy day.

Mikki TAF Stage 1 – Photo Kurt
Rhiannon AFF Stage 4 – Getting the turns done – by OliM
Rhiannon AFF Stage 5 – Flying all by herself! – by OliM
Connor AFF Stage 4 – Photo Fisch
Connor AFF Stage 5 – Photo JohnH
Kyle AFF Stage 4 with Mark – Photo Adrian

On Tuesday 29th Kristine Perkins did Stage 2, Blake Field and Mikayla Newton did Stages 2, 3 & 4, and Rhiannon Osborne and Kyle Mackie did Stages 5 and 6 of their AFF Course. More fun jumpers arrived and the loads kept filling.

Kristine AFF Stage 2
Blake AFF Stage 3
Blake AFF Stage 4 – Photos by JohnH
Mikki AFF Stage 4 with Fisch – Photo Adrian
Rhiannon AFF Stage 5
Rhiannon AFF Stage 6 – Photos by OliM

Wednesday 30th. Blake Field did Stages 5 & 6, and Rhiannon Osborne did Stages 7 & 8 AFF Courses. The weather turned a little and the winds were up a bit.

Blake AFF Stage 6 – Photo JohnH
Rhiannon AFF Stage 7 doing awesome backflips – Photo OliM
Rhiannon AFF Stage 8 looking like a freestyler

Thursday 31st December 2020. The last day of the year arrived. It was a beaut day. Our Tandems were Patrick, Jerome and Michael Robinson.

Student Mikayla Newton did Stage 4 of her AFF Course, while Blake Field did Stages 7 & 8 and Rhiannon Osborne doing Stage 9 – Completing her AFF. We finished the year with a big fat Staff 9–way roundie, a three pointer that had smiles on everybodies faces. Yahoo!  Thanks Team.

Jerome in tandem with Kurt and “Marge” in the background – Photos by Adrian
Michael loving freefall – Photo Sara
Blake AFF Stage 8 – Photo JohnH
New Year’s Eve Roundy – Photo Adrian

New Years Day – Friday 1st 2021 – we had off.  Happy New Year everyone!!! 🎉

We were back into on Saturday the 2nd January 2021. We had a few Tandems here and four new students started skydiving. The Tandems were Kaden, Torin and Rylan Warrilow, Eliza Sprey, Yolanda Dalton, and Macca’s sister Amanda Webb.

Our new students Charlie Hawkins, Mitchell Cummings, Stephen Kakakios, and Adam Telfer all did the First Jump Course, while Kristine Perkins did Stage 3. And lots of Fun Jumpers kept the pilots busy.

Amanda’s Tandem jump with Macca and Travis, her brother in law – Photos by Mark S.
Mitchell TAFF Stage 1
Kristine AFF Stage 3 – Photos by JohnH

Two more Tandems arrived Sunday 3rd. Ryan Sawers and Jacinta Simons got their knees in the breeze.

Charlie Hawkins, Mitchell Cummings and Adam Telfer were all into  Stages 2, 3 & 4 of their AFF Course. Mikayla Newton was back and did Stage 5. So was Jordan McEvoy who did Stage 8.

Ryan tandem – relaxing above the clouds – Photo OliM
Mitchell AFF Stage 2
Mitchell AFF Stage 4 – Photos by JohnH
Adam AFF Stage 4 with Ben – Photo Adrian
Mikki AFF Stage 5 – flying on her own for the first time – Photo OliM
Jordan AFF Stage 8 – Photo JohnH

Have Fun in ‘21. See ya!

Macca and Team Ramblers.


(to be confirmed…)

They helped me overcome all my fears! It was INCREDIBLE!

So last week I did a tandem jump!!!!! Was such a mad time! 🤯🤪🤩😮🤗 I've never wanted to skydive before but was asked to do it for work, so I really quite nervous. But the team at Ramblers Toogoolawah were so professional and cool that they made it such an undeniably EPIC and INCREDIBLE experience! Would even do it again! Highly recommend jumping there.

Briana Goodchild – Channel 9 Today Show

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