DZ e-News #301 (23-29 Oct. 2017)

Monday, October 30, 2017


Shelby Du Moulin – Completed AFF
Anton Williams – Completed AFF
Darren Hoehe – Completed AFF
Tina Spence – Certificate A
Jackson Brockwell – Certificate A
Clinton Deland – Certificate B

This week’s Newsletter starts on Tuesday 24th October. Actually Shelby Du Moulin was here yesterday for the 1st Jump Course and did Stages 1, 2, & 3 of her 20 Jump Package today.

Shelby TAF 1 with Sara – Photo Anton
Shelby AFF Stage 2 with instructor Fish – Photo Sara
Shelby AFF Stage 3 – Photo Doyley
Shelby AFF Stage 3 with Sara

Jessica Watts dropped by for a tandem.

Jessica in tandem with Charlie Rusconi – Photo Angus

Attila Szvetko did Stage 5 & 6 of his AFF Course.

Attila AFF Stage 5 – Photo by Adrian

There was also a bunch of funjumpers here so we managed a few Caravan loads as well as 8 Cessna 182 loads.

On Wednesday we sent Darren to do a “Jump 4 Joy” Demo in Toowoomba with Glen Hanssen in tandem. (Click here to read the article: “Toowoomba Teacher’s incredible 6500ft Skydive Jump”, The Chronicle – including video footage!)

Glenn’s Jump for Joy – Demo in Toowoomba – Photo Doyley

Steven Lindley also did a tandem.

Steven and Super Bear – Photo Angus

Students Anton Williams did Stages 3 & 4 of his AFF Course, Melissa Dempsey did Stage 4, Shelby Du Moulin did Stages 4 & 5 and Attila did Stage 6. Wow! And along with the same group of experienced jumpers here we managed a heap of loads in the 182 and a couple out of the Caravan again.

Anton AFF Stage 3 – Photo Max
Anton AFF Stage 4 with Sara – Photo Adrian
Melissa AFF Stage 4 – Photo Max
Shelby AFF Stage 5 – Photo Sara
Attila AFF Stage 6 – Photo Adrian

Thursday was a bit slower, we only did a couple of loads but both were from the Caravan.  Our new jumpers all kept at it. Darren Hoehne did Stage 2 of his AFF Course, Connor Klein did Stage 3, Anton Williams did Stages 5 & 6, and Shelby did Stages 6 & 7.

Darren AFF Stage 2 – Photo Scotty
Connor AFF Stage 3 with Scotty – Photo Adrian
Anton AFF Stage 5
Anton AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Doyley
Shelby AFF Stage 7 backloops – Photo Sara

On Funtastic Friday we had more fun jumpers arrive but it was a bit slow due to the conditions. We got a couple of big loads away. Student Darren Hoehne did Stages 3 & 4 of his AFF Course and Anton Williams did Stage 7.

Darren AFF Stage 3 with Scotty – Photo Adrian
Darren AFF Stage 4 – Photo Scotty
Anton AFF Stage 7
Anton  AFF Stage 7 too – Photos by Doyley

The Sausage Sizzle went down well. So did the fooze!

Saturday was verging on huge. There were over 50 funnies here. Dave Girvin was organising Star Crests and Emily Hatfield was also helping out with all girl Star Crests!!

Girls Star Crest – Kate & Hannah Willcock, Emily Hatfield, Cherish Comacho, Louise Funk, Laura Fitzpatrick, Monique Rothe, Marlies Friese, Susie Mc, Splenda – Photo by Sonja
Kate & Hannah: Star Cresters, mum & daughter – Photo by Sonja
Girls Star Crest jump – Photo by Splenda

There were lots of tandems here. Ryu Okada, Nicholas Aird, Michael Beil, Ashley Moore, Bern O’Connell, and Paul & Shayne Parsons celebrating Shayne’s 13th Birthday!  Happy Birthday Shayne!!!  Check the photos below!

Ryu Okada with Paul Buchanan – Photo Sonja
Nick Aird tandem – Photo Doyley
Nick and Darren Doyley – Photo by Sonja
Michael landing – Photo by Sonja
Michael Beil and Marc Dergacz – Photo by Sonja
Ashley Moore with Marc – Photo by Sonja
Bern with Doyley – ready, set, go!
Bern in freefall – Photos by Doyley
Bern O’Connell and Tina Spence – Photo by Sonja
Parsons family with Birthday girl Shayne and Paul – Photo by Sonja
Birthday girl Shayne with Paul – Photo by Sonja
Shayne Birthday tandem
Shayne landing
Shayne landing – Photos by Sonja
Shayne afterwards – Photo by Sonja
Shayne after tandem – Photos by Sara

Paul in freefall – Photos by Doyley

Paul landing – Photos by Sonja
Shayne with Paul after their landings – Photo by Sonja
Birthday Girl Shayne with her proud mum after the jump – Photo by Sonja

Student Lyle Douglas did Static Line Stages 2 & 3, James Gentle did Stages 2, 3 & 4 of his AFF Course, Darren Hoehne did Stages 5, 6 & 7, Anton Williams did Stages 7 & 8. Shelby Du Moulin did Stages 8 & 9 – completing her AFF, congratulations!

Lyle Static Line 3 – Photo Sara
Lyle Douglas – Photo Sonja
James AFF Stage 2 Delta with Sara
James AFF Stage 3 with Sara
James AFF Stage 4 with Sara
Darren AFF Stage 5 – first time flying by himself – Photos by Adrian
Shelby tracking  AFF Stage 8
Shelby AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Sara

The pace continued on Sunday but not quite as fast as yesterday. The Star Crest jumps were still happening.

Star Crest formation building – Photo by Angus

Lyle Douglas did Stage 1 conventional of his AFF Course, and he did real well!

Lyle ready for AFF Stage 1 – Photo Sara

James Gentle did Stages 5, 6 & 7.

James AFF Stage 5 – first time flying by himself
James AFF Stage 7 tracking
James AFF Stage 7 blackflips for dayyys – Photos by Adrian

Darren Hoehne did Stages 8 & 9 and Anton Williams Stage 9 – both completing their AFF Courses. Well done fellas!

Darren AFF Stage 8 exit
Darren AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Doyley

It was a great week. The weather wasn’t always perfect but people got their jumps in. C-17 jumps coming up this coming Saturday. I’m nervous already!

See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

Visitor Book Comments

Jessica Watts – Absolutely amazing, definitely do it again – Best Birthday!

Steve Lindley – Best adrenaline buzz ever.  Sara is absolutely amazing.

Shayne Parsons – Thank you so much, girl couldn’t ask for a better 13th Birthday!!!  Sara was absolutely amazing…. Can’t wait till next year!

Paul Parsons – Amazing!!!  Thank you for a great day.  Darren was awesome.  Best landing I had so far.

Did my first tandem jump at Ramblers and one week later was back starting my AFF course. Awesome place and excellent people :))


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