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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


Jared Eppelstun – Completed AFF
Emma Ceolin – Certificate A
Timothy Laycock – Certificate B
Shelby du Moulin – Certificate B
Tim Kelly – Certificate D
Cherish Camacho Dobson – Head Up Freefly Crest
Matthew Smith – Head Down Freefly Crest

Newsletter time again, it’s Monday 4th December and it’s raining! Actually the whole day was rained out, but on Tuesday we had a few regular jumpers here utilising Charlie the Cessna 182.

On Wednesday the weather was back to normal. We got the 182 and Marj the Caravan up for a couple of loads each. Our new tandems were Taylor and Lachlan Kerr, and Andres Real Prieto – a friend of Kevin Stone. Mid week fun jumpers filled the loads.

Taylor’s tandem – Photo Sara
Lachlan’s tandem with Adrian on exit
Lachlan and Adrian in freefall – Photos by Anton

Thursday was a beauty! Marj did 4 loads and Charlie did 5. Andres Real Prieto did another tandem.  Our two students here were Cory Teunissen who did Stages 3 & 4 and Rafael Faria who knocked over Stage 5.

Cory AFF Stage 3 with Sara – Photo Adrian
Cory AFF Stage 4 with Adrian
Adrian laying around

There were 10 midweek fun jumpers here. The pilots were happy.

Friday started out promising, people everywhere but…. you guessed it. It was all over after 2 good, big loads when the weather moved in. However our two new tandem people, Caitlin and Stuart Gellach managed to get up there and had a ball. So did our new students Dylan Ackroyd-Laycock and Andrew Fraser-Scott who did Stage 1 of their Wind Tunnel Skydiving Course. Jeff Teunissen also did Stage 2 and Cory Teunissen did Stage 5 their AFF CoursesRafael Faria did Stage 6.

Dylan TAF Stage 1 – Photos by Sara
Andrew TAF Stage 1 – Photo Doyley
Cory AFF Stage 5 – Photo Sara
Rafael AFF Stage 6
Rafael freestyling on AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Doyley

Saturday was a good day despite the weather forecast. We are getting a DZ weather station, coming soon! We had a mixed bag of everything; Tandems, students and 24 funnies were here. Our tandems were Daniel and Katie Schloss, Clint and Lisa Audoss, Danielle MacDonald, Greg Reinke and Kristine “Kit” Forsdike, all friends of Hollies.

Katie’s tandem with Fenix – Photo Fenix
Clint’s tandem with Sara
Lisa’s tandem with Sara – Photos by Sara
Kit’s tandem on exit with Fenix
Kit’s tandem with Fenix in freefall – Photos by Adrian

Dylan and Andrew did Stage 1 of their Wind Tunnel Skydive Course and Andrew, and Brodie Irwin did Stage 2 also.

Dylan TAF Stage 2
Andrew – first solo landing – Photos by Sara
Brodie – Wind Tunnel Skydive Stage 2 – Photo Doyley
Brodie’s WTS outside – Photo Rangry

Rafael Faria did Stages 7 & 8 of his AFF Course.

Rafael AFF Stage 7
Rafael AFF Stage 7 backloops
Rafael AFF Stage 8 freestyling
Rafael AFF Stage 8 freefall – Photos by Doyley

Cameron Osborn was back for a new start.

Cameron refresher

There were a few B-Rels happening too.

Cheyne B-Rel 6 with help of Tim – Photos by Adrian

Ben, Jon, Sarge and Jason – as Santa – jumped into the Town’s Christmas party – just before the storm! It was a great demo, the kids loved it.

Sunday was sort of the same as Saturday. There were a few more funnies here, about 30. Our only tandem for the day was Stephanie Frick. Brodie carried on with Stages 3 & 4 and Andrew Fraser-Scott did Stages 3, 4 & 5.

Andrew Wind Tunnel Skydive Stage 3
Andrew WTS Stage 4 backloops

Jared Eppelstun did Stages 8 and 9 – completing his AFF, congratulations!

Jared AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Sara

There were lots of people doing B-Rels. The loads were full.

Steve B-Rel 5 exit
Steve B-Rel 5 freefall – Photos by Doyley
Sam B-Rel 4 – Photo Adrian
Sam backflips
Emilio backflips
Carlos B-Rel 5 with Shelby – Photos by Doyley
Carlos B-Rel 6 with help from Shelby – Photo Adrian
Matt Smith Head Down Crest
Ty Head Up Crest
Ty Head Up forward drills – Photos by Doyley

Thanks Team. See ya,

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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Kit Forsdike – Was an awesome experience.

Had an absolute great time learning this amazing sport... I am absolutely hooked. My partner also did 2 tandem jumps, considering that she doesn't like flying or heights and yet due to the nature of Ramblers and their instructors and staff, she is definitely hooked as well. Absolutely recommend Ramblers either for an experience of a life time or to complete a full course. You will not regret it.

Luke Gray

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