SOS & JOS Records 2023 –

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

SOS – Skydivers Over Sixty

The old record SOS record of 17 set at Batchelor NT in 2017 was broken on Friday, 30th June 2023 when a new Aussie SOS record of 30 skydivers over sixty was set on the second attempt of the day at our Skydive Ramblers Toogoolawah Drop Zone.

And on Sunday, 1st July 2023 five Parachutists Over Seventy (JOS = Jumpers over 70) also set a new Queensland record. Congratulations to all involved! 👏

🎥 + 📸 Photos by Steve

 SOS Aussie Record Participants:

⭐️Stephen Smedley, ⭐️Martin Klapper, ⭐️Chris B, ⭐️Paul Osborne, ⭐️Andrew Mulholland, ⭐️Nigel Ackroyd, ⭐️Michael Connolly, ⭐️Janine Hayes, ⭐️Nigel Brennan, ⭐️John Winkler, ⭐️Peter McKenzie, ⭐️Steve Cusato, ⭐️Shane Sparkes, ⭐️Mildred Spinoza, ⭐️Bernardus Nordkamp, ⭐️Jim Doyle, ⭐️Mike Dyer, ⭐️Kerry Hook, ⭐️Farrell McKay, ⭐️Stephen (Chook) Chandler, ⭐️Jeffrey Johnston, ⭐️Tony Maurer, ⭐️Gwyn Burton, ⭐️Dave McEvoy, ⭐️Geoff Bingham, ⭐️Ian Wilkinson, ⭐️Reginald Blain, ⭐️Sandor ‘Motzi’ Molnar, ⭐️Andrew Pearson & ⭐️Kim Brooks.

🎥 Steve Fitch & 🎥 David Brown.

Congratulations! 👏

Thanks guys was an absolute amazing experience my daughter and I loved it we both will be back again for a second tandem jump in the future a special thanks to Anna and my camera man awesome job guys you both made me feel very safe I highly recommend ramblers skydiving too anybody wishing to experience a skydive.

Craig Johnson

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