Skydiving as Therapy

Skydiving as Therapy

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Lots of sport skydivers describe skydiving as a kind of therapy. That’s certainly no folly! Skydiving is an incredibly powerful phenomenon, and it tends to change the jumper’s life very much for the better. Skydiving has almost magical effect; a directionless moment; soggy motivation. Skydiving isn’t just for “adrenaline junkies.” Far from it! We insist that skydiving can be therapeutic (as well as fun!)–we see it in action every day. Here are some of the ways it can help.

Skydiving To Rocket You Through a Life Change

Fact: A lot of people start skydiving because they’re facing a challenge in life that’s throwing them for a loop, and they don’t really know how to come to terms with it.


It might sound strange to approach a big change by throwing yourself out of an airplane, true — but it’s a surprisingly common choice! In fact, a great many of our guests come to us in the midst of the most serious challenges of their lives: a divorce; a cancer diagnosis; the loss of a loved one; getting fired. You should know that these folks most certainly haven’t lost hope. They don’t skydive because they and feel like they have nothing left to lose. There’s no death wish in play. Au contraire, mon ami: They want to square up to what they’re going through from a different angle. They want to prove that anything is possible. And they do!


It’s not just doom and gloom, of course. Lots of people make a jump at Skydive Ramblers when their big life changes are happy ones. We see lots of skydiving marriage proposals; lots of graduations; lots of corporate groups celebrating a cool milestone. As it turns out, it doesn’t matter whether the change is a traumatic one or a terrific one; each requires a leap of faith. And a skydive is, often, just what the doctor ordered.

Skydiving To Rocket You Through a Life Change

Skydiving For Self-Esteem

When you announce that you’re going for a skydive — if you choose to do so — you might get some funny reactions. Your friends and family might shake their heads and tell you you’re “crazy.” Truth to tell, your very own opinions might tie themselves in knots over the idea. What does it take to stand against the negativity in the door of an airplane flying at 14,000 feet, to feel your heart pounding in your chest and to make the choice to jump? It takes power. And it makes power.


The experience of a skydive is akin to an electric shock. It’ll jolt you into the realization that — guess what? — if you can jump out of a plane, you can do anything you set your mind to. And you will. Self-esteem is in that knowledge.

Skydiving For a Healthy Outlet

Has life started to feel a little same-old, same-old? And is anxiety and depression starting to find firm footing in that conveyor-belt sameness? Skydiving might be the best therapy in the world against the grey gravity of the mundane.


Why? Because skydiving offers a massive shift in perspective. The act of making a skydive places the lucky jumper into a deep “flow state,” where s/he lives entirely in the moment. Not only does that totally destroy the sinking feeling of a dull, nothing-ever-happens kinda life, but it opens up a lot of space for healing and for moving forward. Past injuries and future concerns dissolve during a skydive. For at least one crisp, clear minute, one is present. To many skydivers, that’s absolutely priceless.


Everyone who joins us out at Skydive Ramblers has a story. Our guests arrive as strangers, but when the experience is over, we always witness a flurry of hugs, celebration and even tears in the landing area as it all pours out of them, and those incredible stories are told. We count ourselves very lucky to be part of that therapeutic process, and we’d love to hear your story, too.

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