Rambling On ⭐️ Drop Zone Action e-News #603 (11-24 March 2024)

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Heads up!

⭐️ Cheap B-Rel jumps at next Learning Curve Camp (Monday 22nd – Friday 26th of April)! We will have one dedicated coach for B-Rels per day for whom you don’t need to purchase a coaching ticket, just cover the coach slot and off you go! First in best dressed.

Achievements & Congratulations

⭐️ Joshua F. – Completed AFF
⭐️ Chayse G. – Completed AFF

⭐️ Ryan B. – Finished B-Rels

Rambling On

It has been a wet couple of weeks with not too any good days of jumping weather. Read on below…

Monday 11th of March was no jumping – bad weather!


Another skydiving week here at Ramblers with 1 load and 5 fun jumpers.  Our Tandem today was Jeanne M..  Ben did a B-Rel/Coach jump with Toddy.

Jeanne tandem – photo Adrian
Ben Refresher – photo Toddy

Wednesday and Thursday again no jumping – weather!


There were 2 loads and 13 fun jumpersChristopher d. did AFF Stage 8. Cassandra did a B-Rel/Coach jump with Toddy.

Chris AFF Stage 8 – photo Adrian
Cass B-Rel 5 – photo Toddy

Today there were 5 loads and 27 fun jumpers! New student Jacob W. did TAFF Stage 1 and Joshua F. did AFF Stage 8. Varun and David did B-Rel/Coach jumps with Toddy.

Jacob TAFF Stage 1 – photo Adrian
Joshua AFF Stage 8 – photo Bibi
Varun B-Rel 4 – photo Toddy
Dave B-Rel 5 – photo Toddy

There were 4 loads and 34 fun jumpers. Congratulations to Tandems on Sunday – Meghna K. & Swapna K., Amy P. & Rhys P., and Keith P..

Jacob W. did AFF Stage 2, and Joshua F. and Chayse G. did AFF Stage 9 – completing their AFF Courses. Congratulations!

Swapna tandem – photo Toddy
Amy with Tandem Master Adrian and Oli as outside camera – photo Bibi
Keith tandem – photo Reece
Josh AFF Stage 9 – photo OliM
Chayse AFF Stage 9 – photo OliM

Rambling On

A new week arrived, but Monday and Tuesday no jumping happened.


There were 2 loads and 8 fun jumpers. New student Peter O. did TAFF Stage 1, and Jay McC. did AFF Stages 4 & 5.

Peter TAFF Stage 1 – photo Adrian
Jay AFF Stage 4 – photo Adrian
Jay AFF Stage 5 – photo Bibi

Thursday and Friday again no jumping – weather!


Today Yahoo! there were 14 loads and 66 fun jumpers! Finally a decent weather day. Our Tandems today were Paul D., Jessica g. and Daryl W.. New student Angela J. did AFF Stages 4 & 5.  Ryan, Chris and Murray did B-Rel/Coach jumps.

And there was the Belly Bash event with Dawn & Chris Load Organising.

Paul tandem – photo Adrian
Jess tandem – photo Adrian
Murray Refresher – photo Toddy
Ty swoop – photo Adrian
Aaron swoop – photo Adrian

Belly Bash Load Organising with Dawn & Chris

“Another average weather day brought another epic Belly Bash on Saturday!! Thanks to all you beautiful people for coming out to play – against all the odds, we punched through the cloud and smashed out 4 awesome jumps! We had an absolute blast organising you all!

Thanks to our super skilled camera dudes Michael Young, Steve Fitch and David Brown, and as ever, our sponsors – Skydive Ramblers, South Queensland Parachute Council, Toogoolawah Skydivers Club Inc, and Mee Loft for making Belly Bash possible!

Next Belly Bash will be 25th May! Get it in the diary!”

Chris Dodds.

Belly Bash – Photos by Michael Young

Belly Bash – Fitchimages

Photos by Steve Fitchett – www.fitchimages.com

But the fun didn’t last long! It was raining again on Sunday 24th of March.

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

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⭐️ If you are new to the Sport of Skydiving, the Ramblers Learning Curve Camps are a great way to get lots of jumps in at the cheapest rate. Check with Manifest and Instructors at the Drop Zone and find out what discounts are on offer and what you can get reimbursed from the APF and the SQPC. 

⭐️ If you are a Student or Novice skydiver, make sure you find out what you are entitled to with rebates from the APF and $100  rebates from the SQPC to assist you with the costs of AFF Course.

⭐️ Have you heard about our “Ramblers Rewards“? If you introduce someone to the sport, you are eligible for discounts on equipment hire and even free jumps. (Note: you have to nominate your mate before they book.)

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