Rambling On ⭐️ Drop Zone Action e-News #586 (13-19 Nov. 2023)

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Achievements & Milestones – Congratulations!

⭐️ Jacinta – completed AFF

Soaring High: A Week of Skydiving Thrills at the Aussie Drop Zone

In the heart of November, our Aussie drop zone witnessed a week of high-flying excitement. Here’s a rundown of the adrenaline-pumping action:

Monday – Making Strides

A crew of 20 fun jumpers kicked off the week. Stuart and Christopher took their first steps into the world of AFF, while Jacinta completed her AFF Course with Stages 7, 8 & 9. Congratulations! Taryn, among our fun jumpers, added to the mix with a Coach/B-Rel jump alongside Bibi.

Jacinta AFF Stage 7 – backflips – photo Sara
Taryn recurrency jump  – photo Bibi
Tuesday – Midweek Adrenaline Rush

Seventeen daredevils in seven loads brought midweek excitement. New AFF stars, Christopher and Stuart, injected pure adrenaline into the Australian skies, conquering Stages 2, 3 & 4, much to the delight of our fun jumpers.

Chris ready for AFF Stage 2 – photo Sara
Stuart AFF Stage 3 – photo Bibi
Chris AFF Stage 4 – photo Bibi
Wednesday – Artistry in the Air

Wednesday featured two explosive loads with nine daredevils, including our beloved fun jumpers. Stuart repeated AFF Stage 4, showcasing his skills and painting the sky with aerial acrobatics.

Stuart AFF Stage 4 – photo Toddy
Thursday – A Cloudy Pause

Clouds rolled in, leading to a temporary pause in the aerial action on Thursday. A momentary break for our fun jumpers to catch their breath.

Friday – Skydiving Fiesta

Friday turned into a skydiving fiesta with 26 enthusiastic across three loads. AFF students Philip, Stuart, and Jaide displayed their skills in Stages 2, 4 & 5, and 7, creating a symphony of parachutes against the Australian backdrop, much to the joy of our fun jumpers.

Stuart AFF Stage 4 – photo Adrian
Jaide AFF Stage 7 – photo Bibi
Jaide AFF Stage 7 deployment – photo Bibi
Saturday – Explosive Euphoria

An explosion of euphoria on Saturday with 87 jump enthusiasts in 20 electrifying loads, with AFF trailblazer Olenka doing Stage 4, Stuart doing Stages 6 & 7, while our fun jumpers added to the excitement. Travis and Greg spiced things up with Coach/B-Rel jumps.

And the Skysisters 4 – Female Skydiving Convention kicked off, it will run for 8 days, featuring female record attempts, novelty jumps, fun activities, educational seminars, and Day Tapes on the big screen. The event culminates in a Skysisters Reunion celebration, and ends on a high with the Skysisters Ball on Saturday, 25th of November.

Skysisters – Female Skydiving Convention – Day 1 – Cheyenne, Elle, Rebecca, coach Amy Jamieson, and Tax – Photo by Skydive Ramblers
Olenka AFF Stage 4 – photo Toddy
Stuart AFF Stage 6 – photo Bibi
Chris B-Rel exit – photo Bibi
Chris B-Rel 4 – photo Bibi
Greg B-Rel 6.3 – photo Reece
Sunday – Aerial Carnival

The Sky Sisters boogie continued on Sunday with 117 enthusiastic fun jumpers in 28 gravity-defying loads. Tandem luminaries Alicia, Henry, Joshua, Justin, Paul, David, Samuel, Michael & Mark joined the celestial celebration.

New AFF Skysister students Katie & Tian, and Skymister students David B. & Eli  took their first leap with Stage 1, while Ben progressed through Stages 3 & 4, Olenka showcased her skills at Stage 4, and Stuart reached new heights at Stage 7, creating an unforgettable spectacle for all involved. What a day, what a weekend and what a week ahead!

Skysisters – Female Skydiving Convention – Day 2 – Anna, Skye, Chloe, Emily, Eileen, and Marcee – Photo by Skydive Ramblers
Henry tandem canopy – photo Adrian
Henry with his Certificates – he did his first Tandem at Ramblers in 1996!
David tandem canopy – photo Adrian
David Tandem landing – Photo by Skydive Ramblers
Skymister David B. on his TAFF Stage 1 – photo Robin
AFF Girls Tian and Katie – Photo by Paul “New” Newbould
Skysister Katie on her TAFF Stage 1 – photo Adrian
Skymister Eli on his TAFF Stage 1 – photo Adrian
Ben AFF Stage 3 – photo Bibi
Ben AFF Stage 4 – photo Bibi
Olenka AFF Stage 5 – photo Adrian
Stuart AFF Stage 7 – photo Toddy

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

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Shouted my brother for his 40th to a night sky dive. We absolutely loved it! Best experience ever! The team at Ramblers made us feel well looked after, safe, best humour, can’t thank you enough. We’ve both done day sky dives before but this was next level. Watching the sunset and flying into the sky with fading light & jumping out into darkness. Highly recommended!

Night Skydive – by Natalie

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