EquiNOX LITE 2020 Day 3 – Day Tape by Isaac Johnson

Saturday, October 31, 2020


Thanks to Isaac Johnson for the NOX LITE 2020 Day Tapes!

Hi Dave! I just wanted to reach out to you and extend my deepest gratitude for the absolutely exhilarating experience I had at Ramblers last weekend.

Never did I think I would ever jump out of a plane (took over 20 years to take the plunge), but Greggo and all of your staff made me feel confidant to take the leap.

The breathtaking views as we ascended to altitude set the stage for what was a one-in-a lifetime adventure.

Ramblers is a class act all around!!!!!!!! Thank  you to you and everyone there for creating an incredible opportunity and creating lasting memories.

I can’t wait to return for another dive soon!!!!

Regards, Natasha A.

“absolutely exhilarating experience” – by Natasha Aslett

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