How Safe is Tandem Skydiving

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

You’re thinking about throwing yourself out of a perfectly good airplane and plummeting toward the earth at 200 km/hr. Whether it’s because your friends are doing it, because you’ve always wanted to or because it’s for a milestone celebration, most people at some point find themselves wondering, “how safe is tandem skydiving?”. Just like anything worth doing in life, skydiving is not without risk. However, over the last several decades, it has become much safer and here at Skydive Ramblers, we do everything we can to add to your safety.

Professional Instructors

At Skydive Ramblers, it is important to us that we hire top-notch team members to assist in your skydiving experience. Our staff & skydiving instructors are second to none! We are honored to call some of Australia’s most experienced and decorated skydivers our team members.The dedicated and highly experienced team at Skydive Ramblers has helped thousands of students experience the sport of skydiving through skydiving lessons and tandem skydiving.

State-of-the-art Equipment

Every single day, our customers ask us if skydivers have a backup parachute, you know, in case the first one doesn’t open. The answer is an unmitigated, one-hundred-percent YES. Every skydiver at Ramblers, from the newest tandem student to the most experienced athlete in our sky, makes every jump with two parachutes — a main parachute and a backup (called the “reserve parachute” in proper terminology).

In addition to the reserve chute, our tandem skydiving parachute equipment is equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (“AAD,” for short). The AADs job is to deploy the skydiver’s reserve canopy at a pre-set altitude if s/he hasn’t done so already. If the skydiver didn’t notice the altitude, has been injured somehow in freefall and can’t pull, or has become unconscious, a parachute is coming out anyway. And to top it all off, the kind of AAD used during a tandem skydive has been specifically designed to activate at a higher altitude. That means additional safety for the tandem passenger and instructor.

Only the Best Conditions

In addition to having the best equipment, proper training and instructors who are second to none, we only exit our aircraft in the best possible weather conditions. If it’s too windy, cloudy or rainy, our operations will take a break, sometimes for the day and other times for just a few hours. This is for the safety of everyone involved.

Pre-Jump Training

Prior to making your tandem skydive, you’ll attend a short ground training class that lasts approximately 15 minutes in duration. This is to ensure that you are as prepared as possible for what you are about to experience. You’ll be taught the positions required for exiting the aircraft, for freefall, for the opening of the parachute and for the landing. You will also be fitted with a jumpsuit and harness that best matches your size so you can have the safest experience possible.

Skydiving Training

Here at Skydive Ramblers, the safety of our skydivers is our first priority. We are Queensland’s largest and longest-established skydiving operation and have been taking people on tandem skydives since 1984. If you are ready to make your tandem skydive, our instructors would love to share this incredible experience with you. We are open 7 days a week so book your jump with us today!

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Andy Greggs

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