Downunder Dynamics 3 went off!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Downunder Dynamics 3 event was huge! Top shots Freeflyers from all over the country attended. About 80 jumpers including 15 coaches did between 17-20 jumps each over 6 days (2-7 October 2017)! Although 2 days weathered out, the event was a huge success with multiple achievements such as Star Crests, milestone jumps, plus a full load with night jumpers and many doing their night crest.

Well done to Josh Arndt, who was the lowest experienced flyer on the Dynamics jumps holding his B-Certificate, and having improved on a fast learning curve this week.

Thanks to Mason Corby and Keith Grealy – Professional Load organisers and coaches for Skydiving and wind tunnel with over 22+ years of combined experience. We love having these guys here teaching jumpers how to progress, be safe and have fun all at the same time.

These guys are famous in the sport and this “Dynamics” discipline of freefly, which encompasses head down, head up, and sit fly positions – anything even belly flying, and they go FAST!

“Dynamics” Skydiving is the latest, most modern development of the Sport Recreation skydiving and it involves combining several disciplines or styles of freefly skydiving skills. It is very challenging and the latest craze. #Getintoskydiving !

This even was proudly sponsored by the Australian Parachute Federation.

DD3 Report from newsletter:

Monday 2nd October started a huge freefly week with the “Down Under Dynamics” team.  Luckily there was plenty of briefing to be done as the first day’s weather turned out pretty bad.

Head Coach Mason Corby, with coaches Matt Boags, Simon Colmer, Richie Convery, Dimitri Di Denko, Tayne Farrant, Keith Grealy, Danny Helmy, Stewart Kemp, Ben Lucock, Reed Ramage, Scott Hiscoe, Andrew Keir, Jimmy Cooper and camera flyer Tommy Siera were all assembled.

On Tuesday the weather started ordinary but came good when the fog lifted. The Dynamics were underway, and jump hard all 77 members did. Wednesday’s weather was almost perfect. Mason’s group managed 25 loads for the day. Marj our new Cessna Caravan didn’t know what hit here!! Welcome to Skydiving!

Downunder Dynamics 3 – Freefly – Photo Tommy Sierra
Downunder Dynamics 3 – Freefly – Photo Flossy

Thursday was busy with both aircraft flat out all day till sunset. The Freefliers did 32 loads & they were happy.

Downunder Dynamics 3 – Head Down – Photo Tommy Siera

Friday was almost as good with 27 loads done.

Downunder Dynamics 3 – Freefly – Photo Jimmy
Downunder Dynamics 3 – Angle – Photo Adam

Saturday didn’t happen. It was clouded out for most of the day. The Dynamics end of boogie kicked in.

Mason finding something to do whilst waiting – Photo Lynette

It was the end of a great week, thank you Mason and your terrific staff and group of Dynamites, it was a pleasure having you all here!

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