C17 Bigway for Legacy by RAAF – video Steve Fitchett

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Legacy Brisbane: “Today we are delighted to be receiving support from Royal Australian Air Force, RAAF Base Amberley, Skydive Ramblers and some brace individuals. Over 100 trained skydivers will be jumping from a Boeing C-17 Globemaster plane in support of Legacy.

These incredible thrill-seekers have also given five of our Legacy youths a once in a lifetime experience, as they have been selected to take part in a tandem skydive!
This unique experience will allow them to connect with current service personnel and will prove valuable to their personal development.

More information regarding Legacy is available from: www.legacy.com.au

For more images, go to the Department of Defence photo gallery.

Air Force operates a fleet of eight C-17A Globemasters from RAAF Base Amberley in Brisbane’s west. With a payload of up to 70 tonnes, the C-17A is capable of flying both strategic missions across continents, as well as tactical airlift missions to airdrop cargo and paratroops.

Thanks to Steve Fitchett – www.Fitchimages.com for this brilliant footage!

Did my first tandem jump at Ramblers and one week later was back starting my AFF course. Awesome place and excellent people :))


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