BURN TOOGS – DAY 3 MARCH 2023 || Burn Perspective Skills camp held at Skydive Ramblers

Wednesday, April 5, 2023

This is day 3 of the 3 day event held at Skydive Ramblers, Toogoolawah Queensland. Burn Toogs was a skills camp designed to help participants push the boundaries of their freeflying while in a safe and fun atmosphere. We had fantastic weather all weekend and everyone managed to get a lot of jumps in.

Coaches List: Vinny Brazier, Jeremy Brazier, Ryan Dudderidge, Rob Wylie and Scott Hiscoe.

Outside camera & day tapes – Tommy Siera

This event was proudly supported by: South Queensland Parachute Council, Australian Parachute Council, Skydive Ramblers and L&B Altimeters

Please note, Tommy edits these daytapes during the day while he is jumping and packing so they are slightly rougher than our other daytapes and final edits.

Was anxious-as coming in to start my AFF course, but these guys truly put me at ease. Felt more like joining a members club than just buying a commercial course. Great atmosphere - encouraging staff - awesome experience.....Now I just gotta get back and complete the course!

Gordon Price

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