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Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Arnold Lampel – Completed AFF
Brandon Pettersson – Completed AFF

Our APF President for Life, Mr Claude Gillard F4, OAM, Master of Sport Parachuting caught here posing in his Coat of Many Colours, on his 90th birthday with a photo of his First Jump Course group in 1959 with the Parachute Training School. The photo was presented to Claude by Bill Cochrane on behalf of the PTS.

Another week, another Newsletter. It’s starts from Monday 19th of March, and on this day Arnold Lampel did 4 jumps and his Stage 9 – completing his AFF Course! Well done Arne. Ashley Robinson also banged out three jumps completing his B-Rels. Another “Well Done”!

Arnold AFF Stage 9 – Photo Adrian
Kurt 7 point B-Rel 6.3 – Photo by Doyley
Kurt 7 point B-Rel 6.3 – Photo by Alex
Kurt 7 point B-Rel 6.3 – Photo by Doyley
Instructor fun on B-Rel

Tuesday and Wednesday was a bit go-slow. Jumping was light due to wind and rain. On Thursday it was still iffy but our two new Tandems Ethan and Terry Holmes meant one Marj load for the day so everybody on the drop zone got one jump in.

Terry on exit
Terry in Freefall – Photos by Alex
Ethan’s tandem with Darren – Photo Shelby

We still had the iffy weather on Friday so hop and pops from the 182 were the go, until Wes King arrived for a Tandem. So it was Marj time again and our very own pilot Eloise Tyler also did a Tandem.

Eloise and Scotty’s exit – Photo Scotty
Eloise and “Tom Cruise” AKA Scotty in freefall – Photo Shelby

The sausage Sizzle was a good one and Shelby won the Fooze Comp and a free ticket to height.

Saturday started with lots of flatties ready for Formation Loads but nuisance cloud delayed their program until midday. Then it was on and the Rel Workers got 4 formation loads in.

Formation people about to dirt dive
Exit, exit, exit!!! Marj and Homer flying in formation. Photo courtesy of David C Brown
Roundy! Photo courtesy of David C Brown
Formation Load landings – Photo courtesy of David C Brown
Formation Load jumpers – Photo courtesy of David C Brown

See more photos on David C Brown’s post on the TSC Facebook group page and watch his video…

There were other skydivers here to doing different stuff. Our Tandem for the day was Maksymillian Kukielczynski. Charles Grevell arrived and did Stage 2 of his AFF Course. Luke Puxley did Stages 5, 6 & 7 and Brandon Pettersson completed Stage 9 of his AFF Course. Congratulations Brandon.

Charlie AFF Stage 2 with Ben Fuller
Luke AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Adrian
Luke AFF Stage 7 exit
Luke deployment – Photos by Doyley
Fun exit by Doyley

It ended up a beaut day, lots of smiling skydivers.

Then on Sunday Drew McDade was back for Stages 5 & 6. Emma and Shai were also back for more B-Rels. The formation crew still had issues with cloud but managed two jumps. We managed 7 hop and pop loads and 7 high loads.

Drew AFF Stage 5 – first time flying by himself – Photo Adrian
Emma B-Rel 5 – Photo Doyley
Shai B-Rel 5 with help from Shelby – Photo Adrian

See ya, at Easter,
Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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