Toogs DZ e-News #316 (5-11 Feb. 2018)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Tyler Stewart – Completed AFF
Lucy Lomas – Completed Wind Tunnel Freefall
Robert Stewart – Certificate A

It’s Monday 5th it’s Newsletter time again and it the day our newest student Tyler Stewart started skydiving, completing Stages 1, 2 & 3 AFF. Nicolas Bonastre was also here and did his Stage 3. Shelby and Shai also kept the 182 going.

Tyler preparing for exit AFF Stage 2
Tyler AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Doyley
Nick AFF Stage 3 – Photo Sara

Tuesday was a little busier. The Caravan joined in for one load. Adrian’s friend from home Karolin Stiegelmayr dropped by for a Tandem.  Shelby did a beaut video. Tyler went on to do Stages 4, 5 & 6 of his AFF Course, and Ezra Neal did a refresher.  It was a beaut little day. Our regular funnies joined in.

Karolin tandem – Photo Shelby
Tyler AFF Stage 4 – Photo Adrian
Tyler AFF Stage 5 – Photo by Sara
Ezra B-Rel 1 – Photos by Adrian

Wednesday was another beaut little day. Tyler Stewart did Stages 7 & 8 of his AFF Course. Our regular fun jumpers were still happy jumping the 182.

Tyler AFF Stage 7 – Photo Sara
Ezra B-Rel 3 – Photo by Doyley

On Thursday it was similar except Homer was in the air for one of the four loads of the day. Karolin Stiegemayr did her second Tandem. Tyler did Stage 9 of his AFF Course and Lucy Lomas did Stage 9 of her Wind Tunnel Course – both completing their AFF, congratulations!

Karolin tandem exit
Karolin in freefall – Photos by Alex
Tyler AFF Stage 9
Lucy WTS Stage 9 – Photos by Doyley
Nicci arching
Nicci tracking for days – Photo Adrian

Friday was busy. Lots of 182 Charlie loads kept Charly’s canopy course people hard at it. There were 22 fun jumpers here. Homer did six loads. Yu Jennifer Gujia did a Tandem jump. The sausage sizzle went off.

Jennifer’s tandem exit
Jennifer in freefall – Photos by Doyley

Saturday was busier. Charly’s swoopers were hard at it again. Homer did 7 loads. Our Tandems today were John Fenton, Bridget Collard, Chris McGahan, Mathu, Tanya, and Bianca Walker, welcome to the sky team!

Bridget (Brit) and Sara ready to go into Homer
Brit and Sara exit
Bridget (Brit) in freefall
Brit after landing – Photos by Sara
Mathu on exit
Mathu and Adrian in freefall – Photos by Doyley
Tanya before exit
Tanya in freefall
Tanya flying the canopy
Tanya after landing
Bianca on exit with Andy
Tanya and Bianca – Photos by Andy

Shae Bizzini and Kye Eather were here for the AFF 1st Jump Course. Keith Gardiner did his AFF Stage 4.

Shae TAF Stage 1
Kae TAF Stage 1 – Photos by Sara

Would you believe Sunday was even busier! Including the continuing Charly canopy course people 42 fun jumpers were into it. Danial Clarence dropped by for a tandem. Keith Gardiner did Stage 5 of his AFF Course.

Danial tandem exit with Adrian
Danial in freefall
Danial Tandem deployment
Danial tandem landing – Photos by Doyley
Keith AFF Stage 5 – Photo Sara
Rob B-Rel 3 – Photo Adrian

And then the storm hit!! It was a great end to the week.

See ya,
Macca and the Ramblers Team.

Visitor Book Comments

Karolin Stiegelmayr – Beautiful place, great jumps and amazing people. Thank you Adrian! 🙂
Gujia Yu – I had a very good time.  Thanks all.
Johno Fenton – Unbelievable!! Great people.
Danial Clarence – Wowzas!!  Breath taking. Cheers!
Sarah Clarence (Spectator) – Thanks for bringing my husband (above) back down to Earth! 🙂

Had an absolute great time learning this amazing sport... I am absolutely hooked. My partner also did 2 tandem jumps, considering that she doesn't like flying or heights and yet due to the nature of Ramblers and their instructors and staff, she is definitely hooked as well. Absolutely recommend Ramblers either for an experience of a life time or to complete a full course. You will not regret it.

Luke Gray

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