Students Action @ Toogs DZ (May 2018)

Thursday, June 7, 2018

The prop turns, let’s go! Exit, do your practice pulls, check your alti, smile! Enjoy the views, Toogoolawah town below, arch and feel the air, do a turn, pull your chute and land. Do it all again! Fly by yourself, try some back loops, stabilise, track away, yahoo this is fun! Stage 9 Hop ’n’ Pop and you did it! Bravo.

Thanks for the Music: The Amanda Emblem Experiment – Ready for anything

Congratulations to our new skydives of May 2018!: Cameron, Emmanuel, Emma, Harry, Paul, Ryan, Skye, Steve, Tyler.

Thanks to Adrian for another groovy video compilation!

For more info on learning to skydive visit our Learn to Skydive webpage!

Massive Drop Zone. Best place for training by far. Food and accommodation onsite for extended adventures!

Daniel Peberdy

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