Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #498 (10-16 Jan. 2022)

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

 David Gaul – AFF Completed
 Struan Roxborough – AFF Completed
 Yash Dosanjh – AFF Completed
 Luke Gordon – AFF Completed
 Hossein Mehrgoo – AFF Completed
 Thomas Rixon – AFF Completed

 Callum Reid – A Licence
 Thomas Rixon – A Licence
 Lucio Marques Bemquerer – A Licence

 Max Ambrose – C Licence

 Robing Spedding – 1000th Jump
 Tish Dingle – 1400th Jump

Monday 10th January – What a great start to a new skydiving week. The weather was beautiful. 
Tandems for today were Hugo Lamarque, Phillipe Lamarque and Margot Lamarque congrats on your jump.

A lot of students turned up and continued through their AFF Courses. Yash Dosanjh completed AFF 5 & 6. Hossein Mehrgoo completed AFF 7 & 8. Thomas Rixon powered through his AFF Course completing AFF 2, 3 & 4. Struan Roxborough also completed AFF 2, 3 & 4. Scott Pretorius completed AFF 2, 3 & 4, congrats boys on your achievement.

New students in the classroom for today were Luke Gordon and Megan Morgan. Luke Completed his TAF1 jump that afternoon and Megan Completed a refresher jump.

Check out their photos below.

Hamed AFF 8 Having fun – Photo Sara
Hugo Tandem Freefall – Photo Adrian
Jay B-Rel – Photo Jayden
Luke TAF1 learning to fly – Photo Sara
Megan back in the sky after 1 year off – Photo Sara
Owen Ben and Charlie – Photo Jayden
Philipe Tandem – Photo Adrian
Scott AFF 4 loving the sunset – Photo Adrian
Margot having a blast – Photo Sara
Straun AFF 4 doing some turns – Photo Adrian
Yash AFF 5 first time flying by himself – Photo Adrian
Yash AFF 6 – Photo Adrian

Tuesday – Still a busy day. The dropzone was full of students and Fun jumpers.

Students for today were Luke Gordon who completed AFF 2, 3 & 4. Thomas Rixon ran hard and completed AFF 5, 6 & 7. Struan Roxborough completed AFF 5, 6, 7 & 8 well done.

Caleb continued through his B-Rel jumps completing B-Rel 2 as did Lucio completing B-Rel 4.

Caleb B-Rel 2 exit – Photo Adrian
Lucis B-Rel 4 flying great – Photo Sara
Luke AFF 3 look at that focus – Photo Sara
Luke ready for AFF 2 – Photo Sara
Rixon AFF 5
Rixon AFF 7
Struan AFF 5 first time flying by himself and loving it – Photo Adrian
Struan AFF 6 doing some turns – Photo Adrian
Struan AFF 7 diving out – Photo Adrian
Struan AFF 8 tracking for days – Photo Adrian

Wednesday –  This is turning out to be the best skydiving week we have had for a while. Blues skies and no rain.
Only 1 Tandems for today – Renee Baird took the big leap, congrats.

Students kept running hard all day. Scott Pretorius completed AFF 5 & 6. Matthew Pugin completed AFF 5 & 6. Luke Gordon completed AFF 5, 6 & 7. Yash Dosanjh completing AFF 7, 8 & 9. Thomas Rixon completed AFF 8, 7 & 9. Struan Roxborough completed AFF 9. Congratulations to Luke, Yash & Struan on completing your AFF Course!

B-Rels for the day were: Brody B-Rel 4, Callum B-Rel 1 & 2, and Patrick B-Rel 1. Check our their photos below.

Brody B-Rel 4 – Photo Adrian
Callum B-Rel 2 – Photo Adrian
Callum B-Rel 1 track with Kristina
Callum B-Rel 1 with Kristina
Luke AFF 5 on deployment – Photo Sara
Luke AFF 7 with Kristina
Patrick B-Rel 1 track – photo Kristina
Patrick B-Rel 1 – photo Kristina
Renee having fun flying the canopy – Photo Sara
Yash diving out for AFF7 – Photo Adrian

Thursday – Today was even busier. Sharon McCartney came along for a Tandem jump.

New students in the classroom for today were Timothy Buckland, Adrian O’Rourke, Adrian Bluhmky, Safi Taufiqullah, John Tucker all boys completed TAF1 today, well done. Student Luke Gordon completed AFF 8 & 9. Leung Tsung lam (Marco) completed AFF 3 & 4.

B-Rels for the day were Callum B-Rel 4, and Thomas B-Rel 1.

Adrian B TAF – Photo Adrian
Adrian O TAF1 doing great – Photo Sara
Callum B-Rel 4 exit – Photo Adrian
John TAF1 – Photo Adrian
Luke AFF 8 cool – Photo Sara
Luke AFF 9 – Photo Sara
Luke after AFF 9 well done – Photo Ramblers
Marco doing great AFF 4 – Photo Sara
Safi TAF1 exit – Photo Adrian
Sharon tandem exit – Photo Adrian
Thomas B-Rel 1 – Photo Adrian
Tim TAF1 loving it – Photo Sara

Friday – Continuing students for today were David Gaul he completed AFF 3, 4 & 5. Luke Monroe completed AFF 6 & 7.
B-Rel jumpers for the day were Jackson and Callum who started B-Rel 6. Lucio working on B-Rel 6.

David AFF 4 – Photo Adrian
David AFF 4 doing great – Photo Sara
David loving it – Photo Sara
Jackson and Callum B-Rel 6 – photo Jayden
Lucio B-Rel 6 with Vera and Travis – Photo Adrian

Saturday – Just like that the week was gone and the weekend was here. Oh Boy what a busy day we all had. Homer managed to get 18 flights in today.

Tandems for the day were Chris Bennett, Justine Boehme, Kon Liberopoulos, Ryan Munro, Travis New, Karen Postlethwaite, Johannes Weber, Nicholas Weber. Congrats to all that took the leap with us.

A new wave of students started in the classroom today. Shaun Godward, Jake Woolcott, Dominic Neale & Savannah Neale all got their TAF1 jumps in the afternoon. Ongoing students were David Gaul AFF 6, 7 & 8, and Adrian Blumky AFF 2 & 3.

Adrian B. AFF3 super concentration – Photo Weaver
Chris loving his jump – Photo Sara
Dom tandem – Photo Jayden
David AFF6 ready to go – Photo Sara
David good exit AFF 7 – Photo Sara
David tracking like a champ AFF 8 – Photo Sara
Jake TAFF – Photo Jayden
Justine tandem freefall – Photo Adrian
Karen Tandem Freefall – Photo OliM
Marcela last B-Rel with Ivan and Saeran

Sunday –  A slighty slow day but still busy with Tandem, Students, Fun jumpers and team training. Tandems for today were Riva Delisser, Joanna Leisemann, Stephanie Rose & Zac Weber – Congrats to all.

Students for today were: Adrian Bluhmky AFF 4 & 5. David Gaul completed AFF 9 congrats. Shaun Godward AFF 2, 3 & 4, Dominic Neale AFF 2 & 3, Savannah Neale AFF 2 & 3, Billy Reynolds AFF 6 & 7, Jake Woolcott AFF 2, 3 & 4.

Adrian B AFF 4 with a smile – Photo Weaver
Billy AFF 7 flips for days – Photo Adrian
Dom AFF 3 – Photo Weaver
Jake AFF 2 all smiles ready to go – Photo Sara
Jake AFF 3 doing some turns – Photo Sara
Jake AFF 4 – Photo Sara
Saeran B-Rel 6.1 with dean and max – Photo Jayden

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

 Margot L – The most mind blowing experience ever, the staff were so nice.

 Hugo L – Incredible experience, Adrian was awesome. Definitely doing a course as soon as I can.

 Sharon C – Loved going over the clouds, staff are so friendly, loved everything for a first time skydiver.

 Sharon M – This is something I never thought I would ever do. I am so pleased I did it. Thank you, Adrian you were amazing.


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Had an absolute great time learning this amazing sport... I am absolutely hooked. My partner also did 2 tandem jumps, considering that she doesn't like flying or heights and yet due to the nature of Ramblers and their instructors and staff, she is definitely hooked as well. Absolutely recommend Ramblers either for an experience of a life time or to complete a full course. You will not regret it.

Luke Gray

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