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Friday, July 12, 2019

If you ask any savvy skydiver to point you along the best-proven path to skydiving greatness, they’d all wave you in the same direction: skydiving coaching. There is no more effective, faster, smarter way to go from beginner AFF graduate to high-flying freefallin’ athlete than coaching — but many newer skydivers don’t quite understand the phenomenon’s relationship to greatness. We’re here to help explain.

A coach’s guidance just might keep you from quitting.

That might sound a little strange, especially when you’re a very excited new skydiver. That said: Fear doesn’t magically dissolve when you’re a proud A-license holder; it just changes into something — well — more interesting than first-timer nerves. No one is immune to skydiving anxiety. Especially, no one is immune to recurrency nervousness. If you haven’t been able to sneak in a jump for a while, you’ll be biting your nails when you come back. Far too many jumpers quietly leave the sport to avoid that challenge. 

Don’t worry, there’s good news! If you go in with a coach, you’ll feel supported in your effort by a great skydiver who very specifically has your back. Plus, you’ll be able to rebuild your skills much more quickly than if you were just out there trying to remember the dance on your own.

Skydiving Coach Guidance

A coach will help with your time management.

This will level the playing field a bit for you: Experienced skydivers can struggle with time management during a skydive just as much as newbies do. Here’s how it (quite literally) goes down: When most folks fail to nail the first part of the skydive, they end up confused. Do they go back and work on the first part? Do they move right on to the next? Suddenly, it’s pull time.

Working with a coach can help. On a coached jump, you’ll choose one thing to work on, you’ll polish it up together and you’ll move on with confidence. Presto! No more wasted jumps.

A coach will help you find your own personal Zone.

Jumping buddies are the best, aren’t they? That said: a coach is magic, and that magic is called focus. When you jump under the guidance of a skydiving coach, you’ll get much more than a friend in the air. You and your coach will plan meticulously beforehand, you’ll co-visualize the jump, you’ll dirt dive the jump, you’ll review the jump in the plane, and only then will you actually jump the jump. After you land, you’ll review it together. The careful, procedural work that goes into a coached skydive often makes the difference between a skydive that feels rushed and out-of-control and one in which a lot of learning and growth has taken place. 

Skydiving Coach Service - Skydive Ramblers

Here’s the final word, dear reader: Securing the services of a skydiving coach is a vote for yourself. It means you believe in your ability to make positive changes in performance, which means that it will suddenly become possible for you to make serious progress on a much shorter timeline than they imagined. That’s why we love to see our Skydive Ramblers jumpers, old-guard and new-guard alike, getting the educational support they need from our awesome skydiving coaches! Don’t be a stranger. Seek yours out today.

Did my first tandem jump with Sara what an absolute buzz & she made it completely painless highly recommended if you are looking to jump in Australia

Steve Lindley

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