SEQS Club: 4 Way 4 Every 1

It’s on again!! The PREMIER 4-Way FS event in South Queensland!

Next Date: July 20, 2019

4W4E1 is designed for the development of FS (RW) skills and an introduction to competition, this fun event attracts a wide range of people from first timers to people taking the opportunity to move to the next step in their skills development.

It’s also the perfect opportunity for jumpers of all levels to gain some expert coaching from some of Australia’s most accomplished skydivers.

Teams are chosen from the pool of registered participants, according to jump numbers. You do not need a team – they are all built for you and you will find out your team mates on the day!!

Teams will be composed of – 1 Novice (<100 jumps), 1 Intermediate (~250-500 jumps), 1 Open, plus 1 Expert/Open jumper/Coach.

Just NINE slots available in each category for this event!! We may extend this if we secure further funding.

The competition is run over 3 rounds and, as well as the winners receiving the glory and the medals, there is also an awesome “most improved novice” prize awarded.

This fun weekend is a great opportunity to find others at the same level that want to start a team for the next QLD State Championships or maybe even the National Championships!

Ask around – this is the one event you do not want to miss!


Registration is $50 and you will need to provide your Team Captain (Player/Coach) with 3 Ramblers jump tickets – please have these available *before* the day of the event.

Registration link:


If you have any questions drop us an email at or on the South East Queensland Skydivers Club Facebook page.


  • APF Sports Development (Fi) Fund

Without the APF providing significant funding, this event (and others like it) just would not be possible. We thank the APF for the incredible support they have provided us with again this year!

  • SQPC Sports Development Fund

SQPC provides funding to so many events across the region, and their invaluable support is clear to see with such high quality events being provided by multiple clubs/organisers and dropzones. Thank you SQPC!


  • Australian Parachute Federation
  • Queensland Parachuting Association – NQPC and SQPC
  • Cookie Helmets
  • Downward Trend PRS – Sales and Service

Door Prizes

Discounted G3 Voucher

Others TBC

More sponsors applied for and currently pending…

Upcoming Dates

  • July 20, 2019

Awesome bunch of people. Made me feel at home the minute I walked in. Training was everything I had heard and expected. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in skydiving. Thanks a lot Ramblers. Hope to see you all soon.

Chris Wojtowicz

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