Downunder Dynamics: Train The Trainer

Must have full Freefly Crest, Star crest, D Licence

Next Date: November 20 - 22, 2020 | 7:20 am to 5:40 pm

If you are wanting to learn to lead tracking and moving groups, become a coach or are a coach already but just looking to enhance your skills this camp is for you.

Pre requisites
  • Full Freefly Crest
  • Star crest
  • D Licence
  • Confident on the Belly for Angles and tracking
  • Confident on back highly recomended
Course content
  • Weather and the effects on tracking and dynamic groups, how to pick a safe moving direction
  • Spotting and adjusting the exit orders and seperations (load Master)
  • Knowing your students or groups Level
  • Briefing a dive
  • In air coaching techniques and skills
  • Enacting the dive
  • Student/Coach comunication skills
  • How to make reaslistic adjustments for your student(s)
  • Debriefing the dive
  • Evaluating your own progress
  • Conflict, safety and managment
  • Dealing with dificult students
  • Know how and when to say I dont know, What to do about this.


Upcoming Dates

  • November 20 - 22, 2020 | 7:20 am to 5:40 pm

As a SCUBA Instructor, I'm watchful for safety and professionalism in other extreme sports and the staff, buildings, equipment, plane and even other customers at Ramblers all gave me a feeling of safety and comfort in addition to being genuinely welcoming as newcomer to their sport. If you haven't been and have been wanting to skydive - this is a GREAT place to start your newest addiction. : )

Mary Alice Miller

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