Downunder Dynamics #3

This is a skill camp for ALL levels, Beginner through to experienced.

Next Date: October 2 - 7, 2017

You will be broken into groups according to your levels. 4-6 people per group. Larger groups can be made later during the week. NO freefly crest required. Dedicated coach on site for 1 on 1’s and crest jumps will be available.

This event will focus more on the beginner-intermediate free flyers. Putting people in smaller groups will allow them to hone their skills in a safer environment and focus more on team building and disciplined jumping. The event will offer people to complete their freefly crests who have not gotten them as well as giving the more experienced flyers a chance to lead some jumps being tutored by the coaches them selfs, similar to the 10 Downunder dynamics events ran in 2016.

Togoolawah drop zone hosts some of the best facilities country wide. It has accommodation on the drop zone(Caravans/Bunk house/Cabins), a swimming pool, 3 large landing areas with an awesome groomed landing area out front for the swoopers, Massive fire pit, Bar, Canteen, 2 large packing area’s, 2 flat screens tv’s to debrief on with hard drives to save footage to watch after jumping and a good old frooze table.

One of the reasons the last camps were a great success was due to the fact everyone stayed on sight for the whole camp. Because of this dinner is cooked every night by the kitchen and we highly recommend that you stick around as the vibe from everyone has been awesome in the past. This will allow us to conduct the night activities easily as well. (seminars, Prize give aways, Mini competitions and a 10 min day tape each night) Bar will be open during all.

This event we are looking to try something a little different. A lot of you have flown in the tunnel with the attending coaches and we would like to try to put some of that stuff now into the sky.


  • Mason Corby
  • Keith Grealy
  • Kyle Chick
  • Matt Boag
  • Tayne Farrant
  • Simon Colmer
  • Ben Lucok

More Coaches TBA


  • Jimmy Cooper – Cam & Coach
  • Kian Bullock – Cam
  • Scott Hiscoe – Cam & Coach


  • APF
  • Deem
  • IFly
  • Dekunu
  • Icarus
  • Cookie
  • LVN
  • Mee Loft
  • Downunder Dynamics


Rego $380 Non refundable. Prize draw, Goodie Bag.

Rego Form:

Account Details: “PLEASE” stick your name on the reference

Name: DowunderDynamics
BSB: 114-879
Acc No: 477438122

DZ Info

Ramblers (Toogoolawah DZ)


Address: 7353 Brisbane Valley Highway, Toogoolawah (2kms north of township)

On-site accommodation

Camping/caravans/cabins on site.

To book Ramblers Drop Zone accommodation (caravans, Bunk Rooms, Cabin)

call: 07 5423 1159 or email

Info for Jumpers


Beginner flyers will have the opportunity to get their crests signed off with 1 on 1 coaching available. (cover only coaches slot at a discounted rate) They will also learn how to fly safely (Learn how to control your body) in a small tracking group. You will then start to tip them over to turn them into an angle. Crested Flyers will also have the opportunity to get an introduction into flying with more people in a vertical group. (Head down or Head up)


For the intermediate flyers we will be doing introductions into multi group angles as well as intro to sequential Head down dives. For those that have done a bit of tunnel we would like to incorporate some low speed and start to so some basic carving jumps, Belly and back. This will be interesting as it hasn’t really been done before but we have been working on some interesting concepts that have had a lot of success with experienced flyers in 4-6 ways. (Low speed tunnel experience required).


For the advanced flyers we will be focusing on outfacing and also multi group formations like the end of DD#1. Starting small in 6 ways and when all goes well joining some of the groups together. We will also like to try some low speed dives as well, belly carving with breakers to head down and mixing it with a bit of angle flying. (Max 6 way)

Upcoming Dates

  • October 2 - 7, 2017

The DZ is amazing. Awesome plane which brings you to 14000 ft in the blink of an eye. Friendly staff who feel more like family.


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